Adam Schefter on Rex Ryan’s weight loss: ‘That’s skipping a lot of God damn snacks’ (Audio)

Rex Ryan has not been able to deliver a Super Bowl to New York despite having promised one for the past several seasons, but he has certainly accomplished a pretty lofty personal goal: Losing a ton of weight. As Adam Schefter informed us with a tweet earlier this week, Ryan has lost 90 pounds since undergoing lap-band surgery a little over a year ago. If you’re a fan of Rex, that’s easy to get excited about. As you can hear in the clip above that Game On! shared with us, Schefter got a bit carried away talking about it on Mike and Mike Wednesday morning.

“That’s skipping a lot of God damn snacks, if you know what I’m talking about,” Schefter said.

Rex probably appreciated the enthusiasm, but Mike and Mike seemed a bit caught off guard by it and rushed Schefter off the phone after that. Typically interviews are on some sort of delay, but who can blame the sound person for falling asleep at his or her desk when it was Schefter on the horn? Nobody could see that coming.

We expect an apology from Schefter any minute now. After all, he’s an ESPN employee who said it during an ESPN broadcast. The horror!

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