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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Agent Bus Cook: Brett Favre is Like Elvis Presley

Why should anyone believe even for a second that Brett Favre is never going to play in the NFL again?  We all know the drill.  The lockout changed nothing.  Training camp is now upon us and Favre is nowhere to be found.  Considering how obvious it is that the old man no longer has interest in offseason workouts, it would be silly of us to rule out a return until we near Week 6 of the NFL season.

As expected, reports have surfaced about a possible Favre return this season.  There are rumblings that the 41-year-old could wind up in Miami, where fans have grown tired of Chad Henne and are starting to hurt his feelings.  Favre’s outspoken agent, Bus Cook, says there is no chance of that happening.

“Brett Favre’s retired, that’s all I can say,” Cook told ESPN as passed along by Shutdown Corner. “He’s like Elvis now. People just won’t let go.”

To an extent, Cook is right.  People love to give Favre exactly what he wants by talking about him and constantly speculating.  The funny part is how cook pretends he is sick of hearing about his client.  This is the same agent that called Favre a “drama queen” last season before Favre returned once again.  If Brett wakes up one morning and decides he still wants to play football, the ongoing buzz can only benefit him and Cook.  People do indeed refuse to let it go, but don’t ever let an agent convince you he wants people to stop talking about his client.

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