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Monday, May 21, 2018

Brett Favre Was a Boone’s Farm Guy

Brett Favre has already sold us on his image of being a simple Southern boy. He’s the pitchman for Wrangler jeans and he’s hardly ever been caught wearing anything too fancy. The famous line about good ole number four is that he’d play the game for free. Maybe at some point he was close to doing so because he admitted to drinking the cheap stuff back in the day. From his USA Today interview:

“I haven’t drank in 12 years — not a drop,” says Favre. He says he never liked the taste of alcohol, only its effect.

“I thought I used to like Boone’s Farm,” he says with a laugh. “Three-dollar Strawberry Hill — perfect for throwing at signs when you were done.”

Anyone who’s been in high school or college should be quite familiar with Boone’s. The funny thing is seeing such a tough guy, Ironman quarterback like Brett Favre who’s never missed a start, admit he used to like a girly drink. Brett may have just lost a few man points for that admission.

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