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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Donovan McNabb Can Kiss His Request for a Top WR Goodbye with Peters Trade

Donovan McNabb’s made it pretty well-known that his future with the Eagles (he’s entering the final year of his contract) depends on what they do over the offseason. McNabb’s really only played with one top notch receiver in his entire career and that was Terrell Owens. Interestingly enough, not only did McNabb enjoy his best statistical season and a half ever with T.O., but Owens was also having his best season ever in ’05 before Philly shut operation T.O. down. Last year the Eagles took a step in the right direction using their second-round pick on DeSean Jackson who’s a pretty good playmaker. This year it seems as if two pretty high quality receivers (Braylon Edwards and Anquan Boldin) are available on the trade market, not to mention guys like Housmazilli and Coles who were available as free agents prior to signing deals.

The trade between Philly and Buffalo where the Eagles gave up three picks (their first, fourth, and one next year) for Bills left tackle Jason Peters, seems to have ended any chance of the Eagles picking up a big receiving option. The negotiations between the teams went so smoothly because Philly was willing to open up the vault for Peters and pay him top dollar — $60 million over five years with 25 guaranteed, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t know how they’ll have much left over for a receiving threat. Thing is, McNabb might be happier with some extra protection for his blind side than anything else. Remember that eight or nine sack game Winston Justice gave up to the Giants a few years ago? I’m sure McNabb does.

Problem for Philly here is that a $60 million investment in Peters is unwise. The guy got named to the Pro Bowl last year based on reputation, not performance. He gave up 11.5 sacks and even had to benched at the beginning of the year because his performance lagged from holding out during training camp. Peters said he wasn’t happy with his contract last year and admitted it may have adversely impacted his performance. The Eagles better make sure it was a lack of desire, not talent, that caused Peters to have the bad year. Either way they’re screwed because I wouldn’t want that much money tied up in a guy who’s performance is related to contract satisfaction.

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