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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Drew Rosenhaus Says the NFL Would Fall Apart Without Him

Even the most casual fans of the NFL have probably heard the name Drew Rosenhaus at one point or another. Like Scott Boras with baseball, Rosenhaus is the super agent of the NFL. Think of your favorite NFL player and there’s a decent chance Rosenhaus represents him.

With that in mind, it is safe to say there would be quite the league-wide shakeup if Rosenhaus were to bow out of the business. We just don’t need to hear it from him.

“I really believe that the NFL would fall apart without me,” Rosenhaus told 60 Minutes according to the Orlando Sentinel. “That may sound cocky, that may sound arrogant, but I am telling you the truth.”

He then went on to discuss the reasons why NFL players need him. “When it breaks down between the team and the player, the agent is there to pick up those pieces. If a guy says, ‘I want to be traded; I hate this team. I hate this coach.’ I say to the player, ‘Tell me, don’t tell the coach. I don’t want you to ruin your relationship with the team. Come to me.’”

In many senses, the egotistical super agent is right.  If he woke up one morning and decided he was done with the NFL, there would be a lot of players who needed to scramble to find new representation.  That being said, it would be naive to think there isn’t another Drew Rosenhaus out there in the country waiting for an opportunity. It’s the NFL — there is no falling apart as we saw with the lockout.  If Drew can find a team to sign Terrell Owens when he’s ready to return, I might alter my stance.

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