Fan Gets Ugliest Tim Tebow Tattoo Known to Mankind (Picture)

Ugly tattoos are one of life’s great mysteries. For ever piece of ink that you look at and think, “That’s pretty sweet,” there are about 1,000 tattoos like this one and this one that are an absolute joke.  We understand Tebowmania is sweeping the nation in a way that is unrivaled in recent history, but there’s no excuse for getting a horrible tattoo like this one.  Have a look at what could be one of the worst athlete-themed tattoos in America:

I would rather join the boys of MTV’s Jackass and get an off-road tattoo than rock this Tim Tebow tattoo.  The LeBron James and Kobe Bryant face tattoos have suddenly received a huge boost. Epic fail.

H/T to Sportress of Blogitude, Kissing Suzy Kolber for the picture.

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  • Anonymous

    Always stupid. Even buying the jersey of a backup or rookie because they could be gone tomorrow. Last week we had an auction of the jerseys worn that night in the game. The money went to charity. One of the guys who has been on the team for a couple years, a fighter who is popular because of that, had his jersey go for $875. The next morning he was traded to Florida.