Golden Tickets for Chargers Playoff Games?

Taking a page out of the Willy Wonka playbook, the San Diego Union-Tribune buried 10 “golden tickets” in their Sunday papers, causing a frenzy in Daygo. 

“There will be one ticket, the actual ticket to the game, with a coupon for that second ticket.  But the Union-Tribune wants to avoid a frenzy. People shouldn’t form an assembly line to hunt for tickets, nor should you try to snatch a ticket from a winner’s hand.”

They want to avoid a frenzy?  Right, that’s exactly why you creat a promotion as such.  Sources in San Diego said it was complete madness on Sunday – people were out in search of papers like they were giving away free Jessica Alba peep shows.  At least the good sign for Bolts fans is that tickets to a sporting event are finally in demand.  Tickets for Sunday’s game against the Patriots are going for well into the hundreds and even thousands on ebay.

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  • http://derekchronicles.com Derek

    Hey did you just say Jessica Alba peeps shows I’m there. Seriously though it’s sad what tickets cost to these events ( Playoffs ect ) you almost have to get a loan or a 2nd mortgage just to go see your team . I have to admit I was ready to give up my first born in 2004 for Red Sox tickets .

    Like the site lay out lary