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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

James Harrison doesn’t know who Ken Stabler is

Players who compete in the NFL are required to be good at football. They are not required to have any knowledge of the history of the game, but it’s nice when they do. You wouldn’t exactly have to search high and low to find an NFL player who knows who former Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler is. But if your search started with James Harrison it would not end there.

Stabler is leading a concussion lawsuit against the NFL that was filed earlier this week. The lawsuit mentions the NFL’s commercial during Super Bowl 46 which highlighted the NFL timeline and how the rules in the league have changed over the years. Stabler and others take issue with the fact that the commercial did not point out “how recidivist violators like James Harrison are allowed to continue to play the game.” Harrison does not care what Stabler thinks, because he claims to have no idea who he is.

During an interview with Tim Benz of WXDX radio on Thursday, Harrison claimed he was not aware of the lawsuit or that it mentioned his name. When Benz told him that it was brought forth by Ken Stabler and other former NFL players, Harrison gave the following response.

“Who is — Ken who?” he asked before being reminded that he was a former Raiders quarterback. “Who is that? Never heard of him. His opinion doesn’t matter to me.”

Stabler isn’t exactly one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, but he did win a Super Bowl, play on four Pro Bowl teams and win a league MVP award in 1974. I guess it’s somewhat possible that Harrison has never heard of him, but given James’ track record of acting like an a-hole he probably wouldn’t admit it if he did.

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