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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Jay Cutler would like Bears to add receiver over 6’2″, thank you

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was a good sport and called into a Chicago radio show Monday to wish one of the hosts happy birthday. He also talked about his former Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall, and said he’d love to have another receiving weapon on the Bears.

When one of the hosts asked Cutler what he thought of free agent receiver Vincent Jackson, who’s 6’5″, Cutler told The Waddle & Silvy Show “Anyone really over 6-2 at this point is going to look good.”

The comment made sense — of Chicago’s receivers, only Roy Williams (6’3″), is over 6’2″. Their other options are all 6’0″ or below.

Cutler also said he’s like most quarterbacks who aren’t happy “unless we’re getting offensive guys year in and year out, more toys to play with.”

I wouldn’t view Cutler’s comments negatively and I hope they’re not perceived that way. Cutler was giving a friendly interviewed and said he’d like more offensive toys when prompted. He didn’t come out and demand management make some moves, but he said he’d like some. And what quarterback wouldn’t? Chicago doesn’t have many strong receiving options so bringing in one should be a priority.

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