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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

John Fox Regrets Saying Tim Tebow Would be Screwed ‘I’m His Biggest Fan’

Broncos head coach John Fox regrets the comments he made earlier this week to NFL.com reporter Jeff Darlington about quarterback Tim Tebow. While watching film with Darlington in the room, Fox said Tebow would be screwed if he were trying to run a regular offense. Not many people would disagree with that remark — most people recognize that the Broncos have changed their offense to suit Tebow’s strengths — but it was surprising to hear something negative come from the head coach.

The way Fox made his remark, it was more of a backhanded compliment to Tim. Regardless, Fox regrets saying it.

“I screwed up,” Fox said Friday at his news conference. “What bothers me about that is I love Tim Tebow. How can you not? I’m his biggest fan.

“It’s my fault,” Fox said. “What bothers me about that quote is I love the guy. All I was talking about was how this is a different way to run the ball. Everybody wants to put a name on it. All we’re doing is tweaking the running game so we match up with what Tim does well. And I’m telling you, he’s getting better as a passer. He is improving.

“But that was one time where I lost sleep over it. I don’t ever lose sleep over things like this, but I felt terrible about it. We were 1-4 and now we’re 5-5. Believe me, I’m Tim Tebow’s biggest fan.”

Here’s the important thing to remember: Tim Tebow likely would not have success in a pass-heavy offense. That doesn’t mean he can never become a good passer, it just means that running the ball most of the time is what he does best right now. Fox knows that and he regrets knocking the guy who’s helping to save his job.

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