John Fox Regrets Saying Tim Tebow Would be Screwed ‘I’m His Biggest Fan’

Broncos head coach John Fox regrets the comments he made earlier this week to NFL.com reporter Jeff Darlington about quarterback Tim Tebow. While watching film with Darlington in the room, Fox said Tebow would be screwed if he were trying to run a regular offense. Not many people would disagree with that remark — most people recognize that the Broncos have changed their offense to suit Tebow’s strengths — but it was surprising to hear something negative come from the head coach.

The way Fox made his remark, it was more of a backhanded compliment to Tim. Regardless, Fox regrets saying it.

“I screwed up,” Fox said Friday at his news conference. “What bothers me about that is I love Tim Tebow. How can you not? I’m his biggest fan.

“It’s my fault,” Fox said. “What bothers me about that quote is I love the guy. All I was talking about was how this is a different way to run the ball. Everybody wants to put a name on it. All we’re doing is tweaking the running game so we match up with what Tim does well. And I’m telling you, he’s getting better as a passer. He is improving.

“But that was one time where I lost sleep over it. I don’t ever lose sleep over things like this, but I felt terrible about it. We were 1-4 and now we’re 5-5. Believe me, I’m Tim Tebow’s biggest fan.”

Here’s the important thing to remember: Tim Tebow likely would not have success in a pass-heavy offense. That doesn’t mean he can never become a good passer, it just means that running the ball most of the time is what he does best right now. Fox knows that and he regrets knocking the guy who’s helping to save his job.

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  • gene kinnaly

    ..but isn’t that what everybody got excited over Vick for…. his running????

  • Anonymous

    finally an impartial writer, or at least one who doesnt openly make sarcastic, caustic remarks about Tebow.  Thank you for not adding more to or putting your spin on the coaches comments.  It is clear what the coach said.  He regretted what he said and how it would be percieved by his starting quarterback and team.  Thank you once again for doing your job.

  • Anonymous

    I am confused about NFL quarterback standards.  When the game was evolving from run to pass, the quarterback ran.  There were no defined “fundamentals”.  When and where were these “fundamentals applied to, say Brett Farve?  He ran he passed and he had very flawed “fundamentals”  the biggest being bad judgement leading to costly interceptions.  Mike Vick has flawed “fundamentasl”, running when he should pass and passing when he should run.
    So far, Tebow does both ploddingly but with good judgement and without costly turnovers.  He protects the ball and doesn’t force things.  That is the story and the success of his football carreer; his teams win because his team mates  trust him to do his part and not make them dig themselves out of a hole because of “good fundamentals” but  poor judgement.  This fact should be reason enough for every player to give his all knowing that QB poor judgement is not going to cost them their best efforts.
    This will make for some “boring” football where spoiled fans and high paid defensive backfields will not have the gloriousdefensive moments afforded by QB’s like Vick or Farve or others who think that a clutch 20 year pass in double coverage is better that a run of 15 yards and another down to play. 
    I think Tebow is throwback to an earlier era of pro football.  Pretty soon, though, he will be able to read the defenses better and. like Joe Montana, he will throw 15 to 20 yard short, accurate passes and his receiver will make the big play.  Then look out for the QB draw, because like John Elway, he will be hell to bring down.

  • Anonymous

    wavy1davy, you are so right.  When Matt Jones led the Arkansas Razorbacks for 4 yrs as quaterback and the team never had dig him out of trouble.  He was an accurate passer and could out run anyone on the field and did. Yet, when the NFL combine took place in Indianapolis Matt was ask you run the forty yard dash more than once because that just would not believe the 6’5″  speed of this quarterback. He kept proving his speed by beating his own last dash time.  Every NFL team said he couldn’t play quarterback because they didn’t consider his arm strong enough  to pass the of the ball field yet,  you can watch films of all of his wins in college and he was a very good passer. Better than many pro’s at the time and he was consistent but, they made him play  wide reciever in the NFL.  No wanted him otherwise and they ruined the young man by not giving him the chance at quarterback. Believe me he was drafted they  the Jaq’s in Jacksonville. Matt  Jones  could play circles around David Garrard then and now. David’s has never been a winner in the NFL or college, yet the Jaq’s had rather of lost most of their games with David throwing interception after interception or just plain couldn’t get close to his target. They would not give Matt a chance to prove he could have made the Jaq’s an excellent quarterback and a play off team and maybe even more.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PQZOP6LCSE3TZZO7RMP226N5QM jamesj

    Tim is a vary reglious person and his coach,well? Who hired this freak to coach,he’s not ready.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jp.baggelaar Jack P.baggelaar

    tim tebow is the doing what he loves best.he’s happy with  his job and how many of us can say that?he doesn’t ask anyone to do anything he wouldn’t do and thats what makes a lot of people mad.he’s a good worker and gives 100 per cent to the team that pays him.i know this irritates a lot of people who always look for the shortcut and the easy way out.people who work hard and like their job irritate others.in the military tim would be a grunt and carry his pack.go teboe.god bless

  • Anonymous

    If  the Denver Broncos want to trade Tim Tebow to Chicago like they did with Jay Cutler, as a big Bear fan, please we would love him.  Jay is not or will never be a quality QB, Tim Tebow is a winner, time will prove it….  Capt Larbow

  • http://www.facebook.com/gewylie Gary Wylie

    He wins. He has “IT”. Tebowball!

  • Anonymous

    tebow can teach us all somethin keep watchin and learn shep

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/GJGTAGdl38T4njQgfkP09mMAQ.p9NCDTqA--#530e8 doug73

    Capt Larbow, Glad you like Tebow and would like him to play for your team. But Cutler is twice the quarterback that Tim will ever be. Perhaps your admiration of Tebow has clouded your judgement of Jay Cutlters leadership and passing skills. The team is sitting at 6-3 with a favorable schedule remaining, not to mention an appearance in the NFC championship game last season. Football Fans around the nation would like to be in that position. No prob if you like tim over jay but lets be practical, logical… Cutler can play the position, tebow is a running back

  • Genevieve Hudson

    Well, a win is a win. I think Tebow does what ever it takes to win and his team is following his lead. Ugly or messy a win is a win. Why can’t a QT be a RB too? Maybe its the new Tebow player …Never under estimate the power of prayer and trying to win.gennyh

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Danilo-Salvatera/100000166056671 Danilo Salvatera

    He’s (Tim Tebow) got the X-Factor.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to understand how NFL QB’s are graded by the writers.  I sit in the 12th row north stands, and I saw 2 intentional OB throws, and 4-5 dropped ( hit the receiver in a bad spot – the hands ) passes; 1 OMG where did that come from, a pass that looked bad when he got leveled by the rush, and an overthrow to open deep post Decker.  I prefer the overthrow to the under thrown INT rainbows we have seen in the past or the red zone INT’s thrown almost by habit by JC ( of the “my arm is better than Elway’s fame ). My grades – (1)Form – not good, but the ball gets there;  (2)Reading D’s – getting better; (3) Going thru Progressions for receivers – too slow but improving – he appears to be getting to #2 consistently but 3, hmmm; (4 ) Anticipation – also improving  (5) TD/INT ratio – yeah baby show me another 1st year starter this good and of course ;(6) WINS – who the hell cares about any of the rest.   And for the Broncos fans like me, who sit in the stadium – we have a chance to win so it is FUN to be at the games again! 
    Thanks to coach Fox for putting all our players in schemes that allow them to succeed with their own talents instead of trying to force them to be “conventional” when they have unconventional assets.   Smart man, kudos, now make sure the clock management is up to championship levels too.

  • http://twitter.com/mnix49mn maurice nickless

    Trent Dilfer is a Superbowl winning quarterback. It’s pathetic how everyone says Tebow is a rotten thrower, Tebow is this or that in a negative light. Do you think Al Davis would have wanted Tebow to represent the Raiders? What was that Al used to sing all the time? Oh, yeah! Just win baby! Tim Tebow wins and how he does it makes not a difference in the standings.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CLUSRBY5RAFR37MVZBSWEMN4NY Mary Ann

    Tim was great in college ball, so was amazed that he was drafted so low.  Absolutely delighted that he’s doing so well now, a good kid & it’s obvious he loves the game.  Best wishes, Tim, hope for a great future for you.