Keyshawn Did Not Receive the Big Bonus, And He Still Sucks

Why is it that Keyshawn Johnson still sparks interest? Why is it that there is a sizzle and allure that so neatly corresponds to his name? Remember when he joined Carolina? People said that he was the missing piece to the Panthers’ Super Bowl puzzle. Riiiight. That sure went well. So what on Earth makes Keyshawn an asset now? He’s a year older, another year removed from productivity. He’s living off the same name and big mouth that led to him getting drafted 1st overall in 1996 (which was the best WR draft of all-time), when he didn’t even turn into the playmaker that he assured everybody he was. Keyshawn now, is nothing different from what he’s always been — a name with a big mouth. And now he’s an unemployed big mouth.

But contrary to popular belief, the Panthers did not pay him a $3 million roster bonus before cutting him. That couldn’t have happened — everyone knew the Panthers weren’t that dumb.

Contrary to widespread reports, the Panthers did not pay Johnson a $3 million bonus April 1. They did pay him $1 million April 1, but that money was deferred from his initial $3 million signing bonus and had to be paid under any circumstances.

The Panthers will avoid a $1 million reporting bonus that would have been due if he came to training camp.

He will be designated as a June 1 cut, allowing the Panthers to spread his cap hit over two seasons. Had he played this season, he would have cost $3.25 million against the cap. Instead, he will count $1.25 million this year and $2.5 million in 2008.

OK, so admittedly, this is all just a matter of complicated finances. But the bottom line is that Keyshawn has been cut…once again…because he’s not very good. And certainly it helps that his “protege” Dwayne Jarrett, is much better. I would take the opportunity to say goodbye Key, but that would be senseless — I know I’ll be seeing him on TV sooner rather than later.

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  • JS

    You can bash him all you want, but 11 years in the NFL is about two and a half lifetimes. Of all those receivers drafted in the first round this year, how many will play 11 years? How many will even make a Pro Bowl?

    Yeah, if you don’t see him in a Bronco or Eagles uniform, you’ll see him on TV. Or would you rather see Lou Holtz tell us every week how Notre Dame is going to win the National Championship and Cal is going to beat USC?

    And how many of these millionaires that come out of South Central invest in developing their communities, as Key has in business developments such as Chesterfield Square?

    And the NFL trades and cuts players not because they’re not very good (Johnson had 70 receptions on a team that also had Steve Smith the elder), but because there’s a salary cap. Did Da Bears trade Thomas Jones because he’s not very good?

  • http://www.larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s not so much that Keyshawn sucked in perspective of his entire career, he just never became what he convinced us he was.