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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Marcus Vick was served papers at Michael Vick’s violent 30th birthday bash

Remember Michael Vick’s epic 30th birthday party two years ago? Of course you do. That was the one that resulted in a parking lot shootout and one of Vick’s co-defendants in his dog fighting case being shot in the leg after birthday cake was allegedly smashed in someone’s face. According to a report Saturday by the Daily Press, that wasn’t the only fun that went down at the party.

Vick’s younger brother Marcus Vick was allegedly served legal papers shortly before the gunfire broke out at the night club. Marcus was served with the paperwork because he never paid a settlement to a teenage girl who alleged he had sex with her during his playing days at Virginia Tech. (In case you didn’t know — not unlike his brother — trouble tends to follow Marcus).

After 15 process servers — all male — declined his request because they didn’t want to get involved with the Vicks (can’t imagine why), the teenage girl’s lawyer, Kristopher Olin, enlisted the help of a specialized process serving company that focuses on “highly evasive, high profile cases.” Wearing “cute semi-formal dresses,” the company’s female owner and a friend attended the “all-white attire” soiree to personally undertake the job.

Around 12:30 a.m., the two made their way to Marcus and handed him a red metal box, which he thought was a gift for his brother. The women explained that it was meant for him and inside was a legal summons, prompting a female friend of Marcus’ blew up at the women.

“She came after both of us,” the company’s owner said. “She was screaming at us in the middle of the bar, but we … walked out the door.”

Despite the covert operation, Marcus still never showed up for his court hearing and now has a warrant out for his arrest. That’s not to be confused with the other warrant reportedly out for him after he failed to serve a 10-day jail sentence on a contempt of court charge. Because you’re not a member of the Vick family if you’re living a monotonous life.

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