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Monday, June 18, 2018

Michael Vick Doesn’t Learn Lesson: Throws 4th of July Party

If you threw a birthday party for yourself that ended with a former co-defendant of yours getting shot would you: a) lay low for a while b) perform community service to create good press or c) deny your role in the shooting then throw another party less than two weeks later. If you selected option C then you are as dumb as Michael Vick.

Yes, Vick, the same guy who’s the most hated athlete in sports according to Forbes, saw one of his former co-defendants Quannis Phillips get shot at his birthday party on June 25th. Vick found himself under intense scrutiny and it was discovered that he lied when he said he had left the club long before the shooting took place (video from the club showed he only left 2-3 minutes prior to the shooting). Clearly Vick didn’t learn his lesson from the last party because his name was used to promote a massive July 4th party in DC as Black Sports Online found out.

I can’t even begin to explain how ridiculously idiotic it was for Vick to promote this party. Less than two weeks after getting into massive hot water with the NFL, Philadelphia Eagles, and police for being involved in a club shooting and also being in the presence of a former co-defendant (which violates his probation), Vick was once again hosting a party. Vick clearly hasn’t learned that he should be laying low, partying less, controlling his environments, and putting himself in good situations. Promoting a party in DC with an open bar on July 4th and staying out to 3am is the exact opposite of what he should be doing.

If I’m Roger Goodell or the Eagles, being involved in this party shows me that Mike does not have his priorities straight. In fact, the whole deal reminds me a lot of Pacman Jones — busted for his role in inciting a strip club brawl and then being caught going to a strip club the day of his meeting with Roger Goodell. This whole story is just indefensible and even if Vick wasn’t there, it’s obvious he’s hanging out with the wrong crowds and focused on the wrong things.

Michael Vick Hosting July 4th “All White Party” at The Park at 14th in DC [Black Sports Online]

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