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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ohio Police Giving Out Super Bowl Party Kits to Prevent Drunk Driving

Everyone loves a good Super Bowl party. The Super Bowl isn’t just a football game. It’s an excuse to relax, drink beers, and eat an amount of food that would be completely unacceptable on any typical Sunday during the calendar year. In many ways it is an American holiday. Like on New Years Eve, police worry about drinking and driving the night of the Super Bowl. That is why police in Ohio are offering Super Bowl party kits to help prevent drunk driving.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mentor police are giving out party packs that include a football-shaped bowl for guests’ keys, nonalcoholic drink recipes, drink coasters, a $5 Giant Eagle grocery gift card, and a $5 Ace Taxi voucher. What more could you need at a Super Bowl party?

Police are also reminding people that as party hosts they are responsible for how much alcohol people consume.  They are offering these hosting tips in addition to the party kits.

*Don’t force alcoholic drinks on guests or rush to refill their glasses. Have nonalcoholic drinks available.
*Serve high-protein foods, like cheese and meats, which stay in the stomach longer and slow down the absorption of alcohol.
*Avoid mixing alcohol with carbonated beverages, which increase alcohol absorption.
*Stop serving alcohol two hours before ending the party, but continue serving nonalcoholic drinks and food.
*Don’t let drinkers drive. Form car pools. Call cabs.

Seems like common sense, but sometimes people need a reminder. Mentor Police say the kits went pretty quickly last year. If they included a breathalyzer, I’d send away for one. You drink and drive, you lose. Yes, even if your team wins the Super Bowl.

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