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Friday, June 22, 2018

Pacman Jones tells NFL rookies he once spent $1 million in a single weekend

If NFL rookies want a perfect lesson on how not to begin their professional football careers, they need look no further than Adam “Pacman” Jones. This guy has done it all. He’s the official poster boy for wasted talent and horrible decision making. One particular thing Pacman knows a lot about is blowing money, so it’s no surprise the NFL welcomed him as a guest last week at the Rookie Symposium when he expressed a desire to share his experiences with the incoming rookie class.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, who spoke with Colts rookie tight end Coby Fleener, Jones told the rookies about a time he once managed to spend $1 million in a single weekend. Terrell Owens, who was sitting next to Jones during the lecture, turned to him and said, “Man, you crazy!”

Considering T.O. knows a whole lot about having problems with money, you know something is financially irresponsible if he is surprised by it. Based on some of the stories we’ve heard about Pacman in the past — in particular the ones about strip clubs — the fact that he spent $1 million in a couple days isn’t all that shocking.

It does, however, provide rookies with a real life example of how quickly their signing bonuses can fly out the window. Not only that, but acting like Jones can ruin your reputation and your career. Pacman no longer wants to be called Pacman because he wants to shake his horrible persona that hardly any NFL teams want to associate with. As we have seen, it’s not that simple when you do things like spending seven figures in a single weekend.

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