Police Officer Jerry Blash Took Pictures with Roethlisberger Before Investigation

What’s worse: an on-duty police officer posing in pictures with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hours before investigating him for sexual assault, or his superior not seeing anything wrong with it? I’m still trying to figure that one out because it’s pretty egregious that sergeant Jerry Blash’s police report didn’t even include Ben Roethlisberger’s name. Yes, the same Ben Roethlisberger who’s being investigated for sexual assault didn’t even appear in the initial report. Perhaps even more disturbing is the following comment: “The photographs did not and have not affected the investigation at all,” said Police Chief Woodrow Blue.

No surprise people have wondered about a cover-up in the media when it’s evident there was an initial attempted cover-up with the police. Clearly the legal system doesn’t at all play favorites towards athletes. Not at all.

Officers posed for photos with QB hours before complaint [The Union-Recorder]
Cop posed for photos with Roethlisberger before investigating complaint [Pro Football Talk]

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  • Gene

    Athletes and other entertainers get away with so many things. It is really a shame. No wonder they put lawyers and politicians in the category just above child molesters. Our law enforcement officials have absolutely no excuse for the preferential treatment they give celebrities.

    Big Ben is guilty of felony stupidity, at the least.