QB coach Steve Clarkson: Broncos sabotaged Tim Tebow by sending him to New York

tim-tebow-jetsQuarterbacks coach Steve Clarkson, who has privately worked with many quarterbacks including Tim Tebow, believes Denver sabotaged the former first-round pick by sending him to New York last year.

Clarkson wrote a post on his Tumblr last month title “The Sabotage Of The Quarterback” in which he implored the NFL to have the Jets trade Tebow to the Jacksonville Jaguars. He went even further on his sabotage theme during a conference call on Wednesday.

“I think he was purposefully sent to New York,” Clarkson said of the trade from Denver, via The Star Ledger. “From the standpoint: you send him to a situation where you have instability with your coach – you don’t know if he’s coming or going. You have a fragile-minded Mark Sanchez at quarterback. You stick Tim Tebow in there and you kill two birds with one stone. So if you’re Denver you’ve got to be thinking ‘We send him to New York we basically kill an opponent and at the same time Tim Tebow doesn’t come back to bite us in the proverbial butt, if you will, because he’s not going to make it out of there.’

“You send him to Jacksonville, all of a sudden he’s got that fanbase behind him and all of a sudden he’s doing what he’s done all his life, that’s win games. That would put a lot of ill-will towards your organization. There is a lot of politics that go on with it. I think Timmy was just unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Clarkson trains Tebow, so it’s no surprise he’s speaking highly of his client. He says that Tebow is working on losing weight to drop some of his bulk in order to gain more athleticism. He also says they have worked on Tebow’s throwing mechanics to lose some of the windmill motion that slows Tebow’s delivery. Clarkson firmly believes that Tebow’s NFL future is as a quarterback.

Though it’s nice that Clarkson is standing up for Tebow, he should first do a little more research on the facts. Broncos executive John Elway said last year that Tebow preferred New York over Jacksonville, so the Broncos traded him there even though the offer from the Jaguars was more enticing. Tebow reportedly felt like he would have a better chance to play quarterback with the Jets and reportedly felt more welcomed by their coaches.

Clarkson’s theory sounds great, but it’s mostly inaccurate.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.anderson.581187 Mike Anderson

    For once a writer says it like it is and not like what it ain’t…. keep up the good writing. People that follow football, follow Tebow wants to hear “reports” not that Tebow can’t play QB – so many articles I read the writer feels he needs to tell the world Tebow can’t play QB….. ANYONE that watches football KNOWS Tebow can play QB and that is why he’s in the NFL. I’m a huge Broncos fan, have been watching them every game since before the 77 Superbowl…. TEBOW HAS GAME!!! With all that said, I have to say I have NEVER liked the Jets, however, Denver televised the Jets during preseason and the first quarter of the season – SANCHEZ SUCKED! and the offense is the worst called plays I’ve seen an NFL TEAM run. Rex…. RECKS… He’s got this thing TATTOOED into his mind that Sanchez has to be the starter even when he butt fumbles – lol ….IF I WAS THE OWNER OF THE JETS, Sanchez and Rex Ryan would of both beth FIRED – They both were the worst in their NFL POSITIONS last year and I don’t think that’s gonna change…. Tebow needs to get a chance at starting SOMEWHERE, the Man is an Exciting player – and as much as I love my Broncos, Tebow is THE true Underdog that you have to root for… If the Broncos don’t make the Superbowl I have no problem with Tebow being the one knocking them out – he’s a good man – that has been treated like sh-t.

  • http://profiles.google.com/dukevargo Michael Vargo

    Larry Brown has not got a clue. Jacksonville did want him, but Elway said no way even thought they offered more. Elway set him up even though Payton said that he thought he could teach Tebow what he needed to know to succeed. This was an Elway SNAFU and sooner or later it is going to bite him where it hurts. Just like Dumervil. Elway is not as smart as people seem to think he is. He trades Tebow to NY because he was afraid if Peyton failed the chants of Tebow throughout the stadium would not bode well for the team. After he trades Tebow, he has to then go out and find a backup QB. Elway is a classless jerk. Denver fans know exactly what happened. What comes around Goes around.