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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Revis-Moss Worth the Price of Admission

There will be plenty on the line this Sunday when the New England Patriots travel to New Meadowlands Stadium to take on the New York Jets.  We all know every game during the NFL season is crucial, but you won’t find a Week 2 game with more at stake than this match-up.  The Jets can continue their infamous trash talk all throughout the week, but after losing to the Ravens on Monday night this weekend is an absolute must-win for Rex Ryan’s squad.

The past few weeks, a lot has been made of Randy Moss talking about his future and Darrelle Revis finally getting the Jets to cave and extend his contract.  I recommend putting all of that behind you now.  In just four short days it will be Revis-Moss time, and the stakes have seemingly never been higher.  Moss was a permanent resident of Revis Island last season as the Jets corner held him to just 58 yards on nine catches with one score in both their meetings.

Revis’ confidence soared to new heights as a result, and he even felt the need to call Moss a “slouch” during the off-season.  While you can bet your you-know-what that comment will motivate Moss on Sunday, Randy is playing it cool leading up to the big game.

Aw, man, words don’t really hurt me. I guess he’s entitled to say what he wants to say, but then again, we’re coming to the Meadowlands on Sunday, so you’ve got 60 minutes of this slouch, so I don’t really get into the trash-talking, but if what he called me was a slouch, I guess the slouch will be there to see you on Sunday.”

Oooh baby.  If that’s not as close to trash talk as you can get without actually talking trash I don’t know what is.  The Jets are at home so the crowd will be beyond amped from the opening kickoff.  Couple that with the Jets blitz packages and Revis could very well have his way with Moss once again.  Or, 81 could show the world he’s tired of being blatantly disrespected by the youngster and bring back The Freak.  Is it Sunday yet?

Moss: ‘Hopefully I didn’t disrespect anyone’ [Extra Points]

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