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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Revis Island Craigslist Post Taunts Steelers Fans

If there’s one great gift about the playoffs in all sports, it’s that the players aren’t the only ones who take their game to the next level. No, this is the time of the year that fans step it up as well, doing whatever they can to get to the big game. That includes painfully enduring a** tattoos and shamelessly offering sex, though the latter is not advised (unless it’s with one of the members of the LBS staff). Check out this craigslist ad a Jets fan posted in the Pittsburgh area, as shared by Jimmy Traina on twitter:

Sorry Jets fans, your run of fun will come to an end this weekend. Revis, who isn’t even at the peak of his game, won’t be able to shut down the bevy of receiving options the Steelers have. There’s Mike Wallace who can get deep on any secondary, Hines Ward, and Emmanuel Sanders. Good luck stopping all three, Darrelle.

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