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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Rex Ryan’s New Tattoo Means ‘Believe in Yourself’

The world was introduced to Rex Ryan’s new leg tattoo Monday. Sexy Rexy says he got it done while on a trip to Hawaii last month. Tuesday he explained the meaning behind his tattoo in a short video clip posted on the Jets’ Facebook page.

Ryan proudly stated “My new tattoo means ‘believe in yourself’ which I have no problem doing.”

”You see,” Ryan said, pointing down to his leg, ”you’ve got the mountains, you’ve got the waves and the shark tooth down there. You’ve got it all working.”

Ryan says he’s received positives feedback from his players regarding the tattoo. They’ve told him it’s pretty cool, and he’s agreed.

That’s where Rex is wrong.

The players aren’t saying that the actual tattoo is cool, they’re saying that the idea of their head coach getting a wild tattoo like that is cool. The design itself sucks. And if you think it’s cool, then we can’t be friends.

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