Tony Romo: ‘Thanks Ed, Good Hair Piece’

Tony Romo was back to being his old, playful self on Saturday night. With his Cowboys cruising against the Eagles, he was spotted giving Ed Hochuli a pinch on the butt and imitating a referee’s first down sign. He also got in a great shot at ESPN reporter Ed Werder in his sign off at the post-game press conference. The Cowboys website has the video and the parting shot is at the 14:10 mark. Romo signs off with this classic line: “Thanks Ed, good hair piece.”

I can only assume that Romo was talking about Ed Werder with that comment. After all, he fits both criteria having the name “Ed” and hair that looks fake. Considering Werder covers the Cowboys and Romo’s appeared in Werder’s reports with soundbites, I have to assume they at least have a working relationship. Romo really appeared to be joking but it’s hard not to view it as a shot. Maybe it has something to do with Ed’s yellow journalism pieces dating back to last year, or it could even be due to Werder’s controversial report prior to the game. Who knows, all I know is that the joke was funny, though inappropriate.

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  • SpinMax

    When Ed Werder was in elementary school, I bet he went up to other kids and told them that another
    kid called them an idiot just to start a fight.

  • Kevin/Indianapolis

    If you saw Peter King yesterday on NBC, he was wearing a tarantula with bangs. Definitely one of the worst styles I’ve ever seen on a dome.