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Friday, May 25, 2018

Urban Meyer: Jets need to unleash Tim Tebow, Broncos were too conservative

The biggest critics of Tim Tebow believe he lacks the arm strength and throwing ability needed to be an NFL quarterback. The spread offense can work to perfection when run properly at the college level. In the NFL, defenders are typically too quick and explosive for it to be effective. Urban Meyer believes Tebow could be the exception if the Jets give him some freedom.

“Let him play,” Meyer said on ESPN according to Pro Football Talk. “Just let him play.”

Meyer said he believes the spread offense him and Tebow ran together in college would “absolutely” work at the NFL level and that it’s just a matter of a coach trusting him to execute it. A lot of people believe John Fox gave Tebow the freedom to do that when the Broncos started winning, but Meyer says Denver was still too conservative with him. Except, of course, when they were winning like in the playoffs against Pittsburgh.

“When they had success I think they did,” Meyer said. “When you started seeing him throw against those easy coverages it was because they had to stop the run.”

Meyer’s comments raise two significant issues. First off, I’m still not a believer in the spread offense at the NFL level. Cam Newton ran it in college, but he was successful last season because he passed the ball efficiently and could make plays with his legs. Tebow still has major issues throwing the ball. Perhaps more importantly, Mark Sanchez is going to try his best to make sure he plays well enough that the Jets don’t even consider unleashing Tebow. The way Meyer is talking you would think Tebow is taking over the team. At the moment, he’s merely the alternative.

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