Thanks for Ruining My Sunday, Brett

So right now I’m looking pretty bad for saying Favre had nothing left and that he was absolutely useless. I was expecting to see the Favre that stunk up the joint down the stretch with the Jets, preventing the team from making the playoffs, show up for the Vikings this year. Right now he’s looking like the Favre who started the season with the Jets and had them at 8-3 before tanking big time. I will now begrudgingly post the video of Brett Favre’s miracle game-winning touchdown to beat the 49ers:

OK, OK, I must hedge my praise and stay true to my roots by saying the guy was an inch away from throwing a pick on Minnesota’s second-to-last possession and that he struggled to move the ball against the first good defense he’s faced. And at best, he’s just setting Vikings fans up for some serious disappointment in the end. Man, how much must that have sucked for Minnesota fans to go crazy over a game-winner thrown by Favre??

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  • JS

    The Bengals came from down 12 points to beat the Steelers and Mark Sanchez continued to put egg of Pete Carroll’s face. Was your Sunday really all that ruined?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Those definitely were positives, you’re right. But watching all the highlight shows you wouldn’t have had any idea about that stuff the way they all fell back in love with #4