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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Warren Moon: Receivers Have Always Been Divas, Now they Have Twitter

There are a few truths about wide receivers. One, they always think they’re open. Two, they’re easy to take out of games, no matter how good they are. And three, their success is directly correlated to the quarterback’s ability to get them the ball meaning they never will have the impact on a game that they want to have. In summation, they’re very difficult to please and as Hall of Famer Warren Moon said on Sporting News Radio, they’ve always been this way the only difference is now they have twitter to voice their displeasures:

Wide receivers have been doing this forever it’s just there’s this new technology now that allows these guys to do it in different ways. Wide receivers have always been very selfish type players, I won’t say that for all wide receivers, but a lot of the good ones are. It’s just that a lot of them never came out publicly and talked about it the way they are today. Every great wide receiver wants the football and wants it every time. I have no problem with that, but when you start taking it outside the locker room, I have a problem with that.

It was the T.O./Rodney Harrison twitter war that prompted Moon’s comments, but between T.O. and Ochocinco, that’s plenty of twitter-wide receiver-diva to go around. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t even on twitter but he’s had some diva-brushes with the service too. And when asked, Warren jokingly said he could picture guys like Webster Slaughter and Cris Carter on there.

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