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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Wes Welker says everything between him and Gisele is good

Wes Welker made the interview rounds on Tuesday, and about the only item of real news he shared was that he is unlikely to attend the Patriots’ mandatory camp in June. But he also discussed his relationship with Gisele, the wife of quarterback Tom Brady, who infamously ripped the Patriots’ receivers for dropping the ball in the Super Bowl. Welker says there aren’t any issues between them.

“No, not at all. I know how she is anyway,” Welker told ESPN Boston Radio’s Adam Jones. “I’m certain my mom was saying some of the same things out there, there just wasn’t a camera on her. I wasn’t worried about that at all.”

Apparently Gisele was worried about how Welker would take the comments after they became public.

“I think she was texting with my fiancee asking how I was doing and I told her ‘Everything’s fine, except for this crazy Brazilian lady saying these things about me.’ We joked about it and stuff. We know how she is and we get along very well. It’s all good.”

There may have been some awkwardness, but the couples went on vacation a few weeks after the Super Bowl, so you figure things couldn’t have been that bad. As for Welker skipping camp, it probably won’t do either side much good; the Patriots probably won’t give him a long-term deal anyhow, and he’ll fall behind his teammates.

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