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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tiger Woods’ Buddhist Bracelet the New Livestrong Band?

Tiger Woods spent 600 seconds Sunday taping interviews. Though each interviewer was afforded limited time, they each tried to ask Tiger some of the questions many of us wanted to have answered. I thought Tom Rinaldi was more direct and stepped in more frequently to keep Tiger on the path and that he caught Tiger in an unprepared moment — one where Tiger admitted he wanted people to cheer for him. Kelly Tilghman of The Golf Channel asked many similar questions and received many similar, scripted answers. The difference to me was that she didn’t follow up as well as Rinaldi, and she also threw out there the biggest softball question of all: Tilghman asked Tiger about a certain bracelet on his wrist. Tiger seized the opportunity to emphasize how he had found religion. In his case, Buddha. Here’s a picture of Tiger Woods’ Buddhist bracelet:

Tiger explained that the bracelet is Buddhist and it’s for protection and strength. He says he will be wearing it the rest of his life. If that’s the case then I think it’s a great time for Tiger’s marketing team to see how well the guy still sells. Maybe Tiger’s Buddhist bracelet can catch on the way Lance Armstrong Livestrong band did.

Photo Credit: Deadspin, where Daulerio thought Tilghman tossed up better softballs. That’s surprising to read, considering they clearly saw her ask him about the bracelet. What a joke.

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