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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Woman Strips Naked at Elks Lodge Charity Golf Tournament

A lot of people find golf to be boring.  Some people enjoy playing golf once in a while but would rather watch paint dry than sit down and enjoy the Masters at Augusta.  Charity golf tournaments bring people a bit more joy, in that you can play golf for a good cause.  When someone decides to strip naked at such an event, people might even have a little more fun.

According to the Oklahoman, a woman decided to strip naked at an Elks Lodge charity golf tournament in Woodward, Okla. last month.  The report says the woman took all of her clothes off during a putting green challenge for absolutely no reason, making the tournament one that would have been rated through the roof it were on TV. Sounds like my idea of a party.

That isn’t the best part.  Tourney chairman Neil Day said the Elks members have had to dispel rumors that the lodge paid for the women to get naked and that she had sex with the tournament players.  People have also been forwarding cell phone pictures of the strip show around the town.  Perhaps it’s even more of a party than we thought.

Golf clap to Dogs that Chase Cars for the story.

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