Jennifer Aniston Is After David Wright

Not that I keep up on this sort of thing, but apparently Jennifer Aniston’s relationship with John Mayer ended recently. Side note, if there’s anyone whose piece I’d like to switch with, it would be Mayer’s — his flawless dating record includes stints with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, and Aniston. So back to it, now that Aniston’s on the market, she apparently has a few target audiences for her next conquest. As Sports by Brooks shared via Now Magazine:

A current favourite is US baseball player David Wright, 26, who’s in hot demand thanks to his bachelor status, £30 million contract and all-American good looks.

A friend of Jen’s tells Now: ‘She’s never dated a sports professional before and she says it’s an experience she’s definitely curious about, especially after hearing about Madonna’s passionate relationship with baseball star Alex Rodriguez. She says David’s her exact physical type, right down to his boyish smile.’

That weird “L” looking symbol would be for the English Pound, signifying where this rumor came from. One word of advice for Aniston: if you’re trying to model anything in your life after A-Rod, it’s probably a bad idea. I guess she’s just looking for some more P.R. to stay relevant. As for Wright, I might take this chance. The guy can bag pretty much anyone he wants, but Aniston has looks and status pretty well locked down. Too bad Wright might already be taken.

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  • http://shellmedia.net/ ShellMedia

    damn, good job David Wright… she would be nice to have in the stands cheering you on

  • http://RosemarieRatering.com Shaniqua Cavaco

    I for one believe that Jennifer Aniston, is an extraordinary actress and whom deserves a whole lot more respect than she has received.

  • Irma Morles

    I can’t believe that Jennifer Aniston was voted as the sexiest bikini body by the magazine Parade. To me she deserves it as she is just so gorgeous in every way. She has a great fashion too and a kind person