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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Latosha Lee Cheated on Shaq with Damien Wilkins

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Shaq may call himself “Superman,” but the website “Young, Black, and Fabulous” sure has become his kryptonite. Not long ago, the website blew the cover off his affair with Gilbert Arenas’ girlfriend/fiance, Laura Govan. That news preceded Shaunie O’Neal’s decision to file for divorce from Shaq. Now it looks like YBF has a source inside the O’Neal household (potentially Shaunie), who is leaking personal emails regarding Shaq’s sexual affairs. Recently, they posted an item regarding Shaq’s ongoing affair with Latosha Lee. In this close circled world, Lee used to have a relationship with Timberwolves guard Damien Wilkins, and the two even have a son together. The craziest part to me was when Shaq complained that Latosha had cheated on him by getting with Damien. Shaq was asking Latosha what she said to Damien that upset him, making Damien deny their child together:

Shaq’s email: Well dnt front cuz u let him hit it raw and knok u up so he must of did something write u cheated on me to b wit him

Latosha’s reply: You weren’t talking to me. It was a mistake. But I’m happy I have my son.

Yes, just so you read that correctly, that’s Shaq, who was married to Shaunie at the time, bitching to Latosha Lee that she cheated on him by getting with Damien Wilkins. I need someone to explain that logic to me because I really just don’t get it. Is it a mistake that she cheated on Shaq or a mistake that she got with Damien? And how is Shaq allowed to mess with any woman he pleases but the reverse situation causes a problem? Makes no sense.

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