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Sunday, May 27, 2018

High School Makes Fans Remove Shoes to Avoid Damaging New Gym Floor

Even when I had brand new hardwood floors installed in my house and it was raining outside, I didn’t feel comfortable asking people to take their shoes off when they came in the door.  “It’s only dirty water,” I thought to myself.  Apparently the folks at Los Angeles University Senior High School feel differently about their floors.  According to the LA Times, fans who attended a volleyball game in the school’s gym last week were asked to remove their shoes upon entering.

Boys’ basketball coach Steve Ackerman said the school is “being extra cautious” after just opening their new gym.  If you ask me, extra cautious would be relocating the event to another venue.  How can you make families of athletes and fans take of their shoes just to come into the gym and watch a volleyball match?

What if someone had a foot odor problem? Are they supposed to just leave?  These are the questions.

H/T to Prep Rally for the story.

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