Coach Dan Bylsma Calls Out Detroit at Penguins Parade in Pittsburgh

Many players and coaches have been known to do crazy things at team parades. You’ve had Mark Madsen break out in a horrendous dance, same thing with Pat Riley. Shaq’s rapped as has Juan Pierre. Chase Utley’s dropped an F-bomb in front of a packed Citizens Bank Park. I guess guys are riding so high that they feel invincible and will just do or say anything — almost like they’re drunk. Well Penguins coach Dan Byslma had one such moment on Monday in Pittsburgh at the team’s parade. Move ahead to the 2:45 mark to hear Bylsma take a shot at Hockeytown USA aka Detroit:

In case you can’t watch, Bylsma said: “We’re like, ‘we’re gonna win this one, we’re gonna win this one.’ And that’s what you fans did for us and done for us all along, it’s unbelievable. Bring this trophy back to Pittsburgh — city of champions — much better than Hockeytown.” Now it’s not as if Bylsma had a playing career with the Blackhawks or something like that where he should just automatically hate Detroit or the Red Wings. Seems like he was just playing along with the fans. I dunno, but I’m guessing Wings fans and Detroit will remember that one, especially if there’s another Stanley Cup rematch.

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  • SpinMax

    Penguins have 14 UFA/RFA and Ovechkin to deal with. I’ll be shocked if they can get back to the finals. Detroit on the other hand has almost everyone locked up plus a great group of kids coming up, they’ll be back. Guys like Malkin are going from 900k to 9million per year.

  • Susan

    SpinMax, you are saying the same things that they said about the Penguins last year. They thought that finalist team being dismantled and the loss of Hossa would kill them. Ray Shero is a very smart GM, Pittsburgh also has a good farm team with good young talent coming up. Ovechkin wasn’t a problem for us this year.