Jeremy Roenick Cries After Hawks Win

The Chicago Blackhawks won the 2010 Stanley Cup beating the Flyers 4-3 in overtime of Game 6 in Philadelphia on Patrick Kane’s game-winning goal. Jeremy Roenick was in a unique position to provide analysis for the Stanley Cup Final because he played for both the Blackhawks and Flyers. After the game ended, Roenick was sharing some thoughts with Dan Patrick and Mike Milbury on NBC. Roenick became extremely emotional seeing the Blackhawks celebrate their first Cup in almost 50 years because he had played his first eight seasons for Chicago. Despite making four straight All-Star games for the Hawks, Roenick only made the Stanley Cup Final once in 1992 and his team came up short against the Penguins. No doubt Roenick was overcome with emotion seeing those guys celebrate the win and it got to the point where he started to tear up. Here’s the Jeremy Roenick crying video after Game 6:

It bothers me that Milbury was giving Roenick so much crap for showing his emotion on the telecast. It’s not about how good of a career Roenick had, it’s about what it means to win the Cup. Roenick never got to celebrate like that, and although he’s proud, we were privileged to see the genuine emotion of how much winning that Cup means. I’m glad that Roenick shared with us his real feelings so we could truly understand what it meant for those players to win it and get to live their dream.

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  • derek

    Who is the “19 year-old… hope you smiling now” guy he was talking about? in 1992 JR was 22. I looked at the roster for the hawks that season and I couldn’t make the connection. If I don’t figure this out I might start crying. Help a brother out!

  • Sue

    He was talking about a kid in the stands that was crying when he was walking off of the ice. I was pretty offended with the whole ripping of JR. He was emotional becauase he ALWAYS said he was a BLACKHAWK at heart, and that was where he wished he would have been able to stay. Except old man Wirtz was such a cheap jerk. I love JR, and cried the day Lemoux skated around Chicago Stadioum with the Stanley Puck. I am so proud of our new young bucks. They did a superb job.

  • Jim

    Touching words and great feelings from JR. Good video.

  • Erin Redmond

    I know JR and he has every right to show his emotions. He is loyal to the Blackhawks and I think he did a great job of being unbias during the playoffs but it was an emotional night for everyone and noone should judge him for it.

  • lovehockey

    JR’s doneky, always was a showboat..Loves attention..

  • http://www.penguins.nhl.com Ice Burgh

    He was a bumbling little girl in 1992 and he did it again last night. How could such a pansy last so long in the NHL? I guess he won’t be hired to do any more games involving the Hawks… What a damn sissy!

  • TP

    Great video.. JR is a human being and showed his emotions , like any other human would. That guy is a total tool for giving him a hard time– what an a-hole !