Must-See Crazy KHL Fight Video

The only way you’ve ever seen anything like the fight video you’re about to see is if you’ve watched Slap Shot before. Thing is that was only a movie — the KHL brawl between Vityaz Chekhov and Avangard Omsk happened in real life. The first part of the video was somewhat light. Around the 1:40 mark is where things get really heavy. Again, this is the Kontinental Hockey League featuring former NHL star Jaromir Jagr so you know it’s a legit league. Without further ado, here’s the vid:

According to the NY Times, 691 penalty minutes were handed out to 30 players. No surprise they had to suspend the game because neither team had enough players to continue. I have never seen anything like that in a real game before. If the league takes discipline seriously, they’ll probably be setting records with length and amount of fines. Unfreakingbelievable.

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  • SpinMax

    Gotta like how the backup goalies just agreed to watch the activities since they’d be needed to start
    the next game. Those guys who came out of the box to join the fray will get the harshest penalties

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Everyone’s going to get penalized! It was funny seeing the goalies chilling off to the side though

  • SpinMax

    We had a great one tonight. It was a one punch knockout!