Taylor Hall’s Face and Eye Looks Gnarly After Being Cut by Skate (Picture)

Edmonton Oilers winger Taylor Hall was cut in the face by a teammate’s skate during pregame warmups on Tuesday night and missed the game. If you weren’t sure how bad the damage was, the picture above should confirm things.

The Oilers also shared this quote from Hall, “I’m feeling better. I’d like to thank our trainers & the Columbus medical staff.”

Train tracks in the forehead, a black eye … just the typical hockey life. It might not be as bad as Darryl Boyce’s nose, but at least it’s better than Anze Kopitar’s injury. Let’s hope he returns quickly.

Picture Credit: Edmonton Oilers
H/T LBS contributor A. Liu

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  • Anonymous

    Warmups? in warmups? What can they possibly do in warmups to cause that? The closest I usually see is the guy standing next to the net while others are slapshotting. Steve yzerman took a puck off the post in the face like that

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    All because he didn’t have a helmet on