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Friday, April 20, 2018

Racehorses Can Benefit from Jet Lag?

While humans can often become groggy, disoriented, and fatigued after flying from one time zone to another, racehorses apparently can benefit.

A study conducted at the University of Bristol claims that travel releases hormones in horses that improves athletic performance. Their study showed that horses can gallop for an extra 25 seconds after they have been on a long flight before fatigue sets in.

Apparently horses adapt to time zones much better than humans because they rely on lightness and darkness to determine their behavior. Contrarily, humans have established sleep-wake cycles that become upset when they travel across time zones.

This is quite shocking news and it makes us wonder if it will alter the way trainers prepare their horses. Will stables have their animals take unnecessary flights just to get the performance boost? Will this become the equivalent of Tommy John surgery for pitchers who want to throw harder? This is easily the most shocking performance enhancing news since we learned about this and this.

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