Stephen A. Smith Leaving Daily Morning Show at FOX Sports Radio

About a year ago, Steve Czaban’s long-running morning show was canceled by FOX Sports Radio and replaced by Stephen A. Smith. The idea was to provide a different sound from the competition in the East Coast morning drive slot. Stephen A. did just that and did it well, but his style was not for some folks. Because of that reason, FOX wisely offered affiliates a second morning show option — the Zakk and Jack show with Dominic Zaccagnini and former Colts QB Jack Trudeau.

Tuesday it was announced that Stephen A. would be leaving his morning show and Zakk and Jack will become the network’s morning show. Stephen A. will play the new role of NBA analyst for the network, which likely means guest spots talking basketball.

Stephen A. implied on his twitter account that the decision was his, saying “3:30am wakeup calls, then traveling 80 miles 1-way to work everyday was very taxing.” He also added “you will be hearing from me very, very soon. In a big way, too.” Stay tuned for the latest development in the career of Stephen A., who likely is coming to a TV channel near you. And this should help explain why a future announcement won’t involve work for a newspaper.

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  • http://twitter.com/kenton131 Kenton Sanchez

    Where is the source that explains that his show wasn’t for some people and that’s why FOX offered another show option?

    “…but his style was not for some folks. Because of that reason, FOX wisely offered affiliates a second morning show option…”

  • Anonymous

    he sucked, glad he is gone!

  • Anonymous

    he sucked, glad he is gone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/William-Knott/1735895223 William Knott

    what are you people stupid? steven a smith has opened many doors in the radio industry, so dont make dumb remarks because you would rather have a white guy do the show.When will this world change from the racism(never) get a grip people

  • Anonymous

    His skin color has nothing to do with this. He was not a very good radio personality. All he talked about was his experiences and life not sports. BOOORing

    Gald to see a change, wish they brought back czaban

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1174191841 T.j. Hontz

    I’m sure they are begging Czaban to come back. Stephen A was horrible and the new guys are no better. Who’s running this crappy radio network?