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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dana White Furious About Dennis Hallman’s Speedo Shorts (Video)

What happened at UFC 133 Saturday night will change the sport forever. We’re not talking about an epic battle between two fighters that will effect the way everyone views mixed martial arts.  No, this particular change comes more in the form of a dress code adjustment.

Dennis Hallman, who was knocked out in the first round by Brian Ebersole, infuriated Dana White with his wardrobe selection.  Hallman decided it would be a good idea to show up for his fight wearing a grape-smuggler. After the fight, White expressed extreme disappointment in his “people” for allowing it to happen and said he was disgusted with Hallman for wearing the shorts.  Check out White’s comments, courtesy of MMAFighting.com:

I didn’t actually watch the fight, but I have gathered that Hallman’s pills made an appearance at some point during the first and only round which probably set White over the edge.  He was so glad Ebersole banged Hallman out that he even gave him a $70,000 bonus just for ending the fight quickly.

This further secures White as by far my favorite boss in the sporting world.  No matter what the circumstances, the guy always tells it like it is and does what he has to do.

Fist pound to The Big Lead for the picture.

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