GSP denies report that he wants $50 million to fight Anderson Silva

Georges St-Pierre is denying a report that says he wants $50 million to fight Anderson Silva.

Last week MMA reporter Mike Straka said on “The MMA Beat” that he heard St-Pierre wanted $50 million to fight Silva because he felt he needed a huge monetary guarantee to face such a dangerous opponent.

GSP said on Sunday that he had not heard about the report, and that it’s false.

“I have not been informed of this, it is not true,” St-Pierre said in French (translation provided by Google). “Nobody told me about it and I am in France now, I have not seen the article (Mike Straka). I will not comment.”

We chose not to share the original report from Straka because it seemed loosely sourced and we did not find it credible. St-Pierre is one of the highest-compensated fighters in the UFC (probably the highest), so it would not be surprising to hear him demand around $15 million for a fight of this caliber, but there is no way he would be demanding more than what Floyd Mayweather makes in a fight. That just doesn’t seem right.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.g.wolf Andrew G Wolf

    Is Anderson Silva really the best fighter in MMA? or is he just really good/lucky with getting/cherry picking the right kind of opponents? He has only had to fight a few LHW’s that were still near or at the top of thier game(Rich Franklin for the belt. J. Horn, C. Newton, Nate Marquardt,and of course V. Belfort ) Ask yourself if they were at the peak of their careers when they fought AS, and if you would consider them great MMA fighters(Franklin, and Belfot are of course great, but were they still Champion world class MMA fighters when they fought Silvia? Were they in the top your 10 P4P? Top 20 P4P?)The rest of his opponents were either long past their prime(Franklin again, Nate Marquardt, Forest Griffin, Dan Henderson, ), or are good, but not great fighters(Okami, Leben, 2XSonnen 27-12-1, and almost lost the first time?!). Who are/were only in the ranking due to the fact that the LHW division is the weakest in the UFC…AS is a great fighter. Perhaps the best, but considering that he has never had to fight a truly world class fighter at the peak of their career how would we know?