Aaron Hernandez, Bill Belichick exchanged a ton of text messages

Bill-Belichick-Aaron-HernandezBill Belichick was recently interviewed by Massachusetts detectives who are investigating one of the murders that Aaron Hernandez has been charged with. Belichick, Robert Kraft and several other members of the New England Patriots organization gave statements to authorities. What we found particularly interesting was how often Belichick and Hernandez texted each other in the months leading up to the Odin Lloyd murder.

Jenny Wilson of The Hartford Courant reports that prosecutors turned over 33 pages of text messages that were exchanged between Belichick and his former tight end from February 2013 to May 2013. That’s at least several hundred texts. Odin Lloyd was shot and killed on June 17, 2013.

Considering all of those text messages were exchanged during the offseason, that seems like a ton of communication between a coach and player. Based on some of the stuff we heard when Hernandez was first arrested, we shouldn’t really be surprised.

In March 2013, police were reportedly called to Hernandez’s rental home in Hermosa Beach, Calif. after he allegedly put his fist through a window during an argument with his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins. No charges were filed, but Belichick was supposedly made aware of the incident and “exploded” on Hernandez, telling him that he would be traded or cut if he didn’t shape up.

Prior to the alleged domestic dispute, Hernandez reportedly flew to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis to confide in Belichick that he believed his life was in danger. Belichick allegedly advised Hernandez to rent a safe house and lay low for a while when the former Florida Gator said he was worried a group of gangsters wanted to kill him.

The question is how much did Belichick and the Patriots know. There have been various reports about Hernandez’s alleged paranoia in the months leading up to Lloyd’s murder, and we all know there have been concerns about his off-field behavior since he was in college. In all likelihood, Belichick checked in with Hernandez frequently to make sure he was staying out of trouble. That doesn’t necessarily mean he had any information he should have gone to the police with.

Aaron Hernandez pleads not guilty to 2012 murder charges

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez was arraigned Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court for two 2012 murders he allegedly committed, and the former New England Patriots tight end pleaded not guilty.

Hernandez is accused of shooting and killing Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in a drive-by shooting after bumping into one of the men at a nightclub earlier in the July evening two years ago.

In addition to the 2012 murders, Hernandez is also being held in the Bristol County Jail on first-degree murder charges for allegedly killing Odin Lloyd in June 2013.

Hernandez is obviously planning to fight all the charges he faces and has the money to pay for top-notch defense.

Investigators want to speak with tattoo artists who did work on Aaron Hernandez


From the day Aaron Hernandez was sent to the Bristol County House of Corrections after he was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd, we heard reports about jail officials examining his tattoos for any indications of possible gang affiliations. The jail’s gang unit was reportedly not concerned with Hernandez’s tattoos over the summer, but investigators are.

On Wednesday, police announced that they are seeking to speak with any tattoo artists who may have done work on Hernandez’s right forearm between February 2012 and June 2013. The Boston Herald reports that investigators are looking at “specific tattoos” on the former New England Patriots tight end.

Last week, Hernandez was indicted on two counts of first degree murder stemming from a July 2012 drive-by shooting in Boston. That shooting took place within the time frame that investigators are giving special attention to.

Police stressed that any tattoo artists who did work for Hernandez have not been accused of any wrongdoing but may have important information about his ongoing cases.

TMZ has a good before and after shot of Hernandez’s right arm before February 2012 and after, though we have no idea how to analyze tattoos. It’s possible investigators are trying to determine if Hernandez got any tattoos to memorialize his involvement with the double murder.

Aaron Hernandez indicted for 2012 double murder in Boston

Aaron HernandezFormer New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was indicted on two counts of first degree murder on Wednesday stemming from a shooting that took place in Boston’s South End back in July 2012. The news was first reported by FOX 25’s Ted Daniel.

Hernandez has already been sued by the families of the two men, Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado, who were shot and killed while stopped at a traffic light. Witnesses claimed the shots were fired from a silver SUV with Rhode Island license plates. In the days following the murder of Odin Lloyd, a silver SUV with Rhode Island plates was seized from Hernandez’s uncle’s house in his hometown of Bristol, Conn.

Police began investigating Hernandez’s possible involvement in the 2012 double murder within days after Lloyd was killed. Prosecutors have been making a case for several months, and a grand jury has come to the conclusion that there is enough evidence against Hernandez for an indictment.

In addition to the silver SUV, the gun that was allegedly used in the 2012 double murder was found in the car of a woman from Bristol after she was involved in a car crash last June. Surveillance footage from the night of the shooting also reportedly shows Hernandez with the victims hours before they were killed.

Hernandez has now been charged with the murder of Lloyd, indicted on two counts of first degree murder, and indicted on charges stemming from a jailhouse fight. It would be a shock if he does not remain locked up for a long time.

Aaron Hernandez reportedly threatened to kill jail officer

Aaron HernandezWhen Aaron Hernandez was first sent to the Bristol County House of Corrections and charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd, we heard nothing but positive stories about the way he had been behaving. That hasn’t been the case lately.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Hernandez is being investigated for allegedly threatening to shoot and kill a Bristol County jail officer late last year. An ex-inmate who used to share a cell near the former New England Patriots tight end was recently asked about an alleged incident during which Hernandez tried to score some extra food.

According to the report, investigators asked the ex-inmate if Hernandez threatened to kill the guard, said anything about shooting his family, or ever made a noise like a “machine gun round” toward the guard. The ex-inmate allegedly said Hernandez did not threaten the guard but did call him a “bitch” during one heated argument.

In addition, the ex-inmate said that Hernandez was losing a lot of weight in jail and would often try to pull off schemes to get extra food. For example, he said the 24-year-old would eat half of his meal and then put an insect on his plate in an attempt to get a fresh serving. The ex-inmate said Hernandez angered officers by trying to pull the stunts “one too many times.”

Less than two months ago, Hernandez allegedly beat up an inmate who was wearing handcuffs. He was scheduled to be placed in solitary confinement for 30 days after that incident. It’s starting to sound more and more like the former NFL star has not been the model inmate.

Aaron Hernandez to be kept in special isolation for 30 days after fight

Aaron HernandezAaron Hernandez has been kept in solitary confinement since he was arrested and sent to Bristol County House of Corrections over the summer, but he was apparently not as lonely as he could have been. After allegedly beating up a fellow inmate who was wearing handcuffs earlier this week, the former New England Patriots tight end will get to experience true isolation.

On Wednesday, NECN was given an exclusive tour of the more restrictive cell Hernandez will be confined to for at least the next 30 days as a result of the altercation. Hernandez will now have to remain in the cell, which is similar to the one he has been in all along, for 23 hours a day.

It was previously reported that Hernandez was kept in solitary confinement because of his high-profile nature. He was allowed to come out of his cell a few times a day to eat meals by himself in the cafeteria and get some fresh air in an outdoor 12-foot by 8-foot enclosure. Now, he will have to eat his meals in his cell. When he leaves, he will have to be in handcuffs, a waist chain and leg irons at all times.

In other words, Hernandez is being punished. He was reportedly not in handcuffs at the time he attacked another inmate, and Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said officials are investigating how he came into contact with another prisoner.

“We’re investigating it now to find out why two inmates would have been out at the same time in that unit,” he said. “I’m not happy that there may have been a breakdown in our system and our protocols.”

Hernandez and the other inmate had reportedly been taunting each other in the days leading up to the fight. For at least the next month, the 24-year-old will have no one to taunt or be taunted by.

Report: Inmate Aaron Hernandez beat up was in handcuffs

Aaron HernandezFormer New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez reportedly got into a fight with another inmate on Tuesday and beat him up “pretty badly.” It is unclear what started the fight, though TMZ reported that the guy Hernandez attacked was harassing him nonstop. He also may have been unable to defend himself.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that the inmate Hernandez attacked was wearing handcuffs at the time of the altercation. Sources reportedly told TMZ that the victim, who had been talking smack to Hernandez, could “barely defend himself” from Hernandez’s “brutal” assault.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said the fight — if you can call it that with one dude in handcuffs — lasted less than a minute.

Jail officials are still investigating how Hernandez even got to the point where he was allegedly walking down a hallway and able to go after another inmate. Hernandez has been kept away from the general prison population since he got to Bristol County House of Corrections because of his high-profile status. After what happened on Wednesday, he’s probably going to remain in solitary confinement for a long time.