Andy Murray saved runaway dog from traffic

Andy MurrayAndy Murray has had a lot of success on the tennis court over the past couple of years. The British star won the US Open and a gold medal at the London Olympics in 2012 before taking home his first Wimbledon championship in 2013. But even with all that, Murray’s greatest recent achievement may have come without a racket in hand.

Earlier this week, Murray told BBC Radio Five Live that he recently rescued a dog that was wandering around England near a high-traffic area.

“I was driving to practice and there was a dog running along the road,” Murray explained, via The Independent. “I parked the car and got out and tried to stop the traffic because the dog was running towards the oncoming traffic. I ran into the road, stopped the traffic and I managed to get the dog onto the back seat of my car.”

Murray’s heroics didn’t stop after he coaxed the dog into his car. He says he then drove to a place around the corner where people usually walk their dogs and got to work trying to find the labradoodle’s owner.

“I called the number on the tag and amazingly my two dogs walk with that dog quite a lot,” he said. “I met the owner and she was happy I’d picked it up.

“The dog was pretty strong, I don’t think it really wanted me to grab it by the collar and put it in the car but thankfully the dog was fine and it’s all good.”

It’s all good, indeed. Take it from a dog owner who knows — nothing is more stressful than having to wonder where your dog is and if he or she is safe. Kudos to Murray for taking the time to help out.

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Source: Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl had disagreement over fitness training

Ivan Lendl Andy Murray

Andy Murray made a surprising announcement last week saying that he and Ivan Lendl, his coach of two years, had split.

The split was made to seem like a mutual decision for both men, and it’s clear that the part was amicable; Lendl even supported Murray at by attending the Sony Open in Key Biscayne last week.

Since the announcement last week, media reports have stated that the split was more Lendl’s doing. ESPN’s Greg Garber quoted Lendl as saying he felt he would be too busy to give Murray the kind of attention he needs this year.

“To really do it right, you need to be there for 20, 25 weeks,” Lendl said per Garber. “Looking ahead, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it.

“Of course I feel proud of what we accomplished together,” Lendl said. “It worked out for both of us. Unfortunately, I can’t give him the time he needs. I must tell you, I’m very happy for Andy.”

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While Lendl’s desire to compete on the senior tennis tour and play golf — he loves to golf and plays frequently — could have been factors in their split, we’re told there was also another factor involved.

Larry Brown Sports was told by sources that Lendl’s contract with Murray expired after the Australian Open. Lendl apparently had a plan for Murray’s fitness training, but Murray for whatever reason did not want to follow Lendl’s plan/suggestion.

That disagreement, coupled with Lendl’s desire to play golf and tennis, could have been enough for Lendl to decide not to continue as Murray’s coach, even if he still supports the player.

“You know, it’s a tough one for me because he’s been a big part of my life,” Murray said this week about the split, via ESPN. “He’s been a big part of my team. He made a huge difference to my tennis. So very hard person to replace.”

The Murray-Lendl partnership was a successful one. After starting his career by going 0-4 in grand slam finals just like Lendl, Murray broke through and won two majors, in addition to an Olympic gold medal.

Andy Murray said to be in ‘difficult place’ amid split with Ivan Lendl

Andy MurrayAndy Murray announced on Wednesday that he has split with Ivan Lendl, who served has his coach for just over two years.

The two had a successful partnership which saw Murray go from four-time grand slam finals loser to two-time grand slam champion and Olympic gold medalist. Murray sought out the man who had suffered the same fate of losing his first four grand slam finals, and Lendl helped provide support and a mental edge to his first pupil. The partnership was great and led Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer to hire legends from a past era (Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg, respectively).

But Murray has struggled since returning from back surgery and has not made the finals of any of the five events he’s played this year, including a fourth-round loss at Indian Wells last week. Lendl was playing a senior’s tour event at the same time, which seemed like a prelude to the split.

ESPN tennis announcer Chris Fowler added some more details to the split. He says there was “tension” in the camp and that “Murray is in a difficult place.”

Each party commented on the split in a post on Murray’s website.

“Working with Andy over the last two years has been a fantastic experience for me”, said Lendl. “He is a first class guy. Having helped him achieve his goal of winning major titles, I feel like it is time for me to concentrate on some of my own projects moving forward including playing more events around the world which I am really enjoying. I will always be in Andy’s corner and wish him nothing but great success as he too goes into a new phase of his career.”

Murray similarly shared positive thoughts about Lendl.

“I’m eternally grateful to Ivan for all his hard work over the past two years, the most successful of my career so far. As a team, we’ve learned a lot and it will definitely be of benefit in the future. I’ll take some time with the team to consider the next steps and how we progress from here.”

I’m not sure how well Murray expected to perform coming off his back surgery, but he really should be easy on himself. It’s never easy to come back from something like that, particularly when you play a sport that requires so much energy and effort.

Andy Murray had to cut his hair for image purposes

Andy MurrayAndy Murray says he would like to wear his hair long the way he did when he first came on tour, but his people have prevented him from doing so for image purposes.

The Scotsman’s hair was somewhat curly and definitely frizzy, and fans called it a “mufro.”

“I liked that haircut but a lot of people don’t like it,” Murray said of his hair last week via the Daily Mail.

“They think that it’s messy and doesn’t look good so I’m not allowed to cut my hair like that unfortunately anymore. The tennis industry doesn’t like that sort of hair. They just like the standard short back and sides.”

Murray now keeps his hair cropped relatively tight, though it’s not exactly a buzz cut. Still, Murray, 26, says he plans to go back to his old hairstyle when he’s done with his playing career.

“When I finish playing I will have it done for sure.”

The current world No. 6 player, Murray took on the cleaner-cut image after signing with music mogul Simon Fuller’s management company. He has endorsement deals with adidas, Head and Swiss watchmaker Rado, among others.

Image purposes or not, I think Murray just looks better with the cleaner look. But maybe he thinks it makes him look more boring than he really is.

Then again, if you ever had your hair look this wild, you’d probably be sad to cut it too:

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Ivan Lendl: Andy Murray has Novak Djokovic ‘under pressure’

Andy MurrayAndy Murray has quickly gone from being a player who couldn’t win the big one to being possibly the top player in the world. In many ways, his career is following LeBron James’, which is exactly who he compared himself to before he won the gold medal at the Olympics, the US Open, and Wimbledon. Murray is playing so well lately — he’s won two of the last four majors and the Olympics — that his coach believes he has world No. 1 player Novak Djokovic “under pressure.”

“If somebody has two majors and an Olympic gold medal, and everybody else has only one major each [in the last year], well, [people] can make their own opinion on that,” coach Ivan Lendl said after Murray beat Djokovic in straight sets, per the Guardian.

“Novak is a great player, don’t get me wrong,” Lendl said. “He has had not just a phenomenal 12 months, but basically since the start of 2011 and so the rankings look at all of that. But he is under pressure right now.”

Not only did Murray beat Djokovic in the finals at Wimbledon, but he also beat the Serb in the finals of the US Open, coming back in a grueling five-setter. Djokovic leads in their head-to-head play 11-9, and the two are now 2-2 in the finals of majors (Djokovic has won both their finals at the Australian). Djokovic is nearly 3,000 points ahead of No. 2 Murray in the ATP rankings, but Lendl believes Murray has Novak under fire.

Murray sat out the French Open so that his back injury could heal, and the move paid off. Djokovic has played a somewhat limited schedule this season, winning his first two tournaments of the season including the Australian, and beating Rafael Nadal in the finals at Monte Carlo. He lost to Nadal at the French and Murray at Wimbledon. Sure, Murray has won the last two meetings with Djokovic in the finals of majors, but let’s not discount Novak. It’s not exactly like he’s falling off here. He can very easily quiet Lendl with a win at the US Open.

Andy Murray’s girlfriend Kim Sears had adorable reaction during semis

Andy Murray bounced back from a grueling five-set comeback win over Fernando Verdasco in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon to beat Jerzy Janowicz in four sets in the semis on Friday 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 6-3. As Murray was trying to hold serve up 30-0 and 4-3 in the fourth, he won a great point. You can watch video of the great rally below:

Murray was so fired up, he gave a big fist pump toward the stands where girlfriend Kim Sears was sitting. She had the adorable reaction seen above.

Murray got upset with the tournament officials for causing a 40-minute delay in the match after the third set when they decided to close the roof. He still managed to win the fourth set and close out the match to advance to his second straight Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Sears and her relationship with Murray, we’ll give you the story.

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Andy Murray post-match interview at Wimbledon was awful (Video)

Andy Murray gutted through a five-set match to come back and beat Fernando Verdasco 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-5 to reach the semifinals of Wimbledon, and his reward was enduring a horrible interview with BBC Radio 5’s Garry Richardson after his victory.

Richardson asked some asinine questions and suggested that Murray’s coach, Ivan Lendl, would chew out his player for his performance. Keep in mind that Murray had just come back from down two sets to none to win the match.

“Is this match a warning to you in any way?” Richardson asked to start the interview.

Murray seemed somewhat incredulous at the notion that Verdasco should not have been a challenge.

“No, it’s not a warning, because I know how good these players are,” Murray said in response.

Richardson then brought up that former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was in the crowd for the match and asked if Lendl would give his player the “hair dryer treatment” in a manner similar to Ferguson.

“Will [Ivan] Lendl say some things to you Andy to help cheer you up, or do you know it all yourself?” Richardson asked in what was one of the most poorly framed questions we have ever heard.

“I don’t see why I should get told off after that,” Murray responded calmly, unaware that he had done something wrong. “I came through in an incredibly tough match.”

Richardson was out of questions at that point, so he settled for making a blunt statement.

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