Anthony Davis calls Terrell Suggs a ‘loser’ and ‘puppet’

Anthony Davis 49ersSan Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis took offense to Terrell Suggs suggesting that he was a “fake tough guy,” and hit back at the Baltimore Ravens linebacker via Twitter Wednesday.

Suggs joined Gary Radnich and Larry Krueger on KNBR 680 in San Francisco Wednesday to promote his movie, “The Coalition.” After talking about his movie, Suggs was asked about the comments of teammate Cary Williams, who called the 49ers “fake tough guys” following the Super Bowl.

“Nah, I’m not going to say who it was. It’s kind of irrelevant because the guy that said it, don’t go against the offensive line,” Suggs responded, per The Baltimore Sun.

Suggs was then asked if anyone on the 49ers offensive line was a fake tough guy. He said they had one fake tough guy, and process of elimination determined he was talking about Davis.

Word of Suggs’ criticism got back to Davis, who blasted Suggs via Twitter in response.

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Anthony Davis Sends Vulgar Postgame Tweet Defending 49ers for Celebrating

The Lions and 49ers had a skirmish at the end of their game Sunday, a 25-19 victory for San Francisco. Coach Jim Harbaugh was pumped after his team’s victory and gave opposing coach Jim Schwartz a forceful handshake. Schwartz followed him down the field to confront him about the shake, and several players became involved. No punches were thrown, but words were exchanged. Even more words were shared after the game.

49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis (pictured above), separated Schwartz from Harbaugh. After the game, he sent a tweet bragging about winning in Detroit. He claimed he saved Schwartz by separating him. He also sent this vulgar message:

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