Fantastic GIF of Bill Self shuffling like MC Hammer

Kansas coach Bill Self got his MC Hammer on during overtime of the Jayhawks’ 68-67 double-OT win over Oklahoma State Wednesday.

I have been watching this GIF over and over and can’t stop laughing. Stop! Hammertime.


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Bill Self doesn’t like Baylor’s neon green uniforms

When adidas unveiled updated Baylor basketball uniforms earlier this week that decided to go the fluorescent route, many people probably didn’t know what to think. Were they radioactive? Were they glow-in-the-dark? Were they made of Aggro Crag? No, they were just really bright neon green. Reaction was understandably mixed, and Kansas coach Bill Self found himself as one of the uniforms’ critics.

“I’ll be real honest with you, I’m not a fan,” Self said Thursday, the day before his Jayhawks met Baylor in the Big 12 Tournament. “That’s the new fad, teams out of the box with uniforms. Those are really bright. I think tomorrow they have to wear dark colors. It’s the benefit of being the higher seed … it won’t hurt our eyes tomorrow.”

Hey, schools have to do what they can to set themselves apart in order to attract interest from recruits. A lot of schools are doing that by dressing themselves in often outlandish uniforms, and they don’t care if they have to burn a hole in your retina to do it. It’s textbook Oregon Ducks.

Self was right, though: Baylor did wear dark, camo-print uniforms against Kansas in Friday’s semifinal. Didn’t matter. Baylor cruised to an 81-72 upset over the Jayhawks.

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Bill Self Wants the Kansas Student Section to Sing the National Anthem Properly

All student sections have their own quirky little traditions.  At the University of Connecticut, they have the U-C-O-N-N chant after a timeout is taken whenever the Huskies go on a run.  That may not sound all that clever, but when you mix in the fact that the chant has been led by the same fat, red-headed guy named Big Red for the past decade it’s pretty cool to be a part of.  Most similar traditions are well-received by coaches and players, but there is one particular act that the Kansas students perform that head coach Bill Self could live without.

Before Kansas City Chiefs home games at Arrowhead Stadium, Chiefs fans sing “and the home of the Chiefs” at the end of the National Anthem in place of “and the home of the brave.”  For whatever reason, Jayhawks fans have adopted the tradition. Self is not amused.

“I don’t think it’s anything we should be proud about as students to carry that on, because I don’t see the place for it when you are honoring your country,” Self told the Lawrence Journal-World. “That’s one tradition that in my opinion certainly we could do without. I think it’d be more respectful toward the anthem and what that stands for to go ahead and use the actual words to it than putting in their own. I think they should stick to Francis Scott Key’s words. I think that would be more appropriate.”

The Kansas coach has a point.  There are plenty of other ways to showcase school spirit.  Not only that, but singing “the home of the Chiefs” doesn’t even make sense for the Kansas basketball team.  If you want to personalize the National Anthem, at least come up with something original.

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