Brian Hartline: Jonathan Martin laughed at voicemail

Brian HartlineSeveral Miami Dolphins players came to Richie Incognito’s defense when they had their opportunity to speak to the media on Wednesday. Wide receiver Brian Hartline defended the infamous Incognito voicemail to Jonathan Martin, saying the message needed more context and that Martin didn’t take the threats seriously. In fact, Hartline says Martin laughed at the message at one point.

“This is the same guy that was laughing about this voice mail at one point in time, first of all,” Hartline said of Martin, via Around the League. “Second of all, I believe that if you look through the whole voice mail, there’s some things said that you probably shouldn’t say in general, friends or not friends. But I know for a fact, that I’ve said things to my friends that I kind of wish I’ve never said to, either.”

Hartline also was upset that the team and coaches were the last ones to say their piece about the situation because of the ongoing investigation. He turned the tables, accusing the media of bullying them.

“They’re attacking our coach. They’re attacking the values of the rest of the people in this locker room, and they have the mic last,” Hartline said. “I mean, we were at a point where we weren’t told to say anything. We weren’t going to talk. There was an investigation, plain and simple. You guys expected that.

“And now we’re able to say our opinion and really protect ourselves from being bullied from you guys, because we weren’t talking. We weren’t fighting back. No one said a word. You had no comments from Richie, had no comments from us … We’re kind of tired of it. We’re just going to do our point, and you guys can judge, but honestly, it caught us all off-guard, and it’s a shame it happened.”

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Brian Hartline works at a drive-thru convenience store that he owns (Audio)

Most NFL players dedicate their offseason to relaxing and working out, but Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline has himself a summer job. Hartline inked a five-year, $31 million contract extension with the Dolphins last week, but he has decided to keep his day job despite having a tremendous amount of financial security.

On Wednesday while he was speaking with Dan LeBatard on 790 The Ticket in Miami, Hartline said something about being too busy working a drive-thru to keep up with NFL news. LeBatard fluffed it off at first, but quickly realized he was serious.

“Me and my buddies have always wanted to (own a convenience store),” Hartline explained. “(My friend) ran a lot of them in Ohio with his family since he was 15 and we wanted to go into business. We bought our first one in January.”

The hosts then began ribbing Hartline and asking him what type of dream owning and operating a convenience store is.

“The dream,” he said proudly. “The American dream. Owning your own business.”

The stores are called Smart Stop, and Hartline said he and his buddies are trying to make them become the next Circle K. Interestingly enough, the 26-year-old is not the first NFL receiver we have seen working the job of the common man this offseason. And if free agent linebacker Justin Durant really did apply to that fast food restaurant on Thursday, he may not be the last.

It may sound funny now, but how many professional athletes do we hear about blowing all their money before they retire and being left with nothing? The fact that Hartline has become a small business owner and is taking an interest in the day-to-day operations of his company is admirable.

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Dolphins think Brian Hartline is underrated by opponents because he’s white

There are not a whole lot of white wide receivers in the NFL. Brian Hartline, who currently leads the NFL with 514 receiving yards, is one of them. Like Green Bay’s Jordy Nelson, Hartline’s Dolphins teammates think the color of his skin results in his opponents underestimating his abilities.

“Yeah, man. Definitely,” fellow receiver Davone Bess told the Palm Beach Post when asked if people underrate Hartline’s speed because he’s white. “He can run. That’s good that they sleep on him, because come game time he can open up on them.”

“I’ve had that label before, too,” rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill added. “It’s just kind of a stigma that comes with it. If it helps you, then it helps you. I don’t know if teams underestimate him or anything, but he’s making plays for us, and it doesn’t matter what color you are.”

Perhaps Hartline should enjoy it while it lasts. Nelson’s teammates said the same thing about him during his career year with the Packers last season, and he is off to a disappointing start in 2012. It could just be that Green Bay’s offense hasn’t started clicking, or it’s possible that opponents are no longer underestimating Jordy’s whiteness. The Dolphins are hoping that never happens with their No. 1 receiver.

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Dolphins WR Brian Hartline: Tim Tebow is like the Kardashians

The buzz that surrounds Tim Tebow can hardly be explained. You have either seen it and understand it or you haven’t and you don’t.

Tebow won two championships at Florida and is a tremendous role model, but plenty of athletes have had similar success without the constant media spotlight and sexy Jesus poses. Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline doesn’t understand all the hype, and he had an interesting way of expressing his opinion on Thursday.

“That’s you guys, how much you love (him),” Hartline told the media according to the Sun Sentinel. “Everybody loves him, but the same people go with the Kardashians. I don’t know what they did, either. They’re on (magazine) covers everywhere. I mean, honestly. I know they’re really good people, do a lot of charity work. I just don’t know how they got started.”

Most of us would have an easier time telling you how Tebow got popular than how the Kardashians gained their fame — especially if we couldn’t make mention of Kim’s butt. Hartline instantly realized how his comment was going to be perceived and backed off a bit, mentioning that Tebow has done more than Kim and Khloe including winning with the Gators and Broncos.

The damage was already done at that point, however. And by damage I mean the next time Tebow sees Hartline he’s probably going to tell him how talented he is and how he wishes him the best, thus adding to the allure that is Tebowmania.

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