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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly to USC rumors are already heating up

The USC football team suffered an embarrassing home loss to Washington on Thursday night. The Philadelphia Eagles are off to a 1-3 start this year and don’t look like a playoff team. What does one thing have to do with the other? Both USC coach Steve Sarkisian and Eagles coach Chip Kelly are on the…Read More

Chip Kelly sick of the Mark Sanchez questions

Although the media would love to see Chip Kelly abandon all plans, admit defeat, pack up his bags, head back to college, and pull the plug on Sam Bradford because — gasp! — his Philadelphia Eagles are 0-2 to start the season, he is not ready to do so. Media outlets that thrive on chaos…Read More

Chip Kelly: I’m still confident in Sam Bradford

The Philadelphia Eagles are a disaster on the level of a Roland Emmerich movie right now, but head coach Chip Kelly is sticking to his guns. Even after incumbent quarterback Sam Bradford threw two interceptions and posted a dismal 5.3 QBR in a 20-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Kelly gave the 27-year-old…Read More

LeSean McCoy takes another veiled swipe at Chip Kelly

LeSean McCoy talks too much, which in many ways makes him a perfect fit with the Buffalo Bills now that Rex Ryan is running the show. We already knew McCoy hated his former coach, but the three-time Pro Bowler just can’t seem to stop reiterating it. In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, McCoy said…Read More

Chip Kelly reportedly told Tim Tebow to play in CFL for more reps

Many have been saying for years that Tim Tebow’s best shot of playing professional football would be in the CFL. Chip Kelly apparently agrees. Kelly cut Tebow from the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday and apparently recommended the QB play in the CFL to gain more experience. Chip Kelly told Tim Tebow that he should play…Read More

Chip Kelly: Joe Flacco is an ‘elite’ quarterback

One of the more tired, oft-mocked debates among NFL fans is whether or not Joe Flacco is an “elite” quarterback. Now we know where Chip Kelly stands on the subject. Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles and Flacco’s Baltimore Ravens are holding joint practices, which led Kelly to speak about Flacco prior to Thursday’s affairs. “I think he’s…Read More

Chip Kelly acknowledges concern over DeMarco Murray’s workload

The Dallas Cowboys let DeMarco Murray leave in free agency in part because they knew he was overworked last season, and they feared he would not be able to match his excellent production in the future. Chip Kelly convinced the Philadelphia Eagles to sign Murray to a big-money deal, indicating he believes the back will…Read More

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