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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Chris Long

Chris Long cracks joke about Tom Brady destroying phone

Chris Long is developing a reputation for being one of the funnier athletes on Twitter, and he enhanced that rep by sending a great tweet in response to the Tom Brady suspension being upheld. The NFL cited Brady destroying his cellphone as evidence of wrongdoing in the case. In response, the St. Louis Rams defensive…Read More

Chris Long complains about NFL drug tests with hilarious tweets

St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long sent a series of hilarious tweets on Monday night to complain about some drug tests he received from the NFL. Long said he was drug tested twice in a matter of five days, which led him to be annoyed. He responded by sending several sarcastic and joking tweets….Read More

Chris Long: Everyone but ESPN is over Michael Sam being gay

ESPN featured some phenomenal investigative reporting on Tuesday when the network passed along some of the details of Michael Sam’s showering routine. For those of you who are a little slow, I’m being sarcastic. We have no idea why the World Wide Leader told us that Sam has not yet showered with certain teammates, and…Read More

Chris Long clears brother Kyle out of fight (GIF)

Brothers Chris and Kyle Long are playing against each other today for a very special family event that led to father Howie getting the day off his duties for FOX NFL Sunday for the first time in 20 years. In the second quarter of the game between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams, Kyle…Read More

Chris Long does Ric Flair strut after sack (GIF)

St. Louis Rams defensive lineman Chris Long celebrated a sack against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night by doing the Ric Flair strut. You know The Nature Boy had to love that. Woooo! I wonder if James Laurinaitis put him up to it. Here’s Flair doing his thing: That sack dance was much better than…Read More

Chris Long zings Panthers fans for drinking Zima

We mentioned earlier that St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long was ejected from Sunday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers for throwing a punch in a third quarter scrum. The best part of the ejection was the way Panthers tight end Ben Hartsock gave Long a hilarious sendoff from the field. But the side story…Read More

Ben Hartsock gave Chris Long a hilarious sendoff after ejection

St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long was ejected from his team’s 30-15 loss at the Carolina Panthers on Sunday for throwing a punch in a scrum, but the funny part was the sendoff Ben Hartsock gave him. After Long got ejected, the Panthers tight end gave the defensive lineman the old heave-ho gesture. It…Read More

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