Chris Long: Everyone but ESPN is over Michael Sam being gay

Michael-Sam-boyfriendESPN featured some phenomenal investigative reporting on Tuesday when the network passed along some of the details of Michael Sam’s showering routine. For those of you who are a little slow, I’m being sarcastic. We have no idea why the World Wide Leader told us that Sam has not yet showered with certain teammates, and neither does Rams defensive end Chris Long.

A few hours after Josina Anderson went on the air and spoke about Sam’s showering habits, Long tweeted the following.

That’s how a lot of people feel. The first ever openly gay player in the NFL fighting for a roster spot is a huge story — we get that. It took guts for Sam to come out before the NFL Draft. But don’t we have enough headlines about him — such as Sam sacking Johnny Manziel and flashing the money symbol — that we don’t need to get into when and with whom he supposedly takes a shower?

Again, this seems like the type of stuff ESPN does that inspired their own Neil Everett to take a shot at the network last week.

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Chris Long clears brother Kyle out of fight (GIF)

Chris Kyle LongBrothers Chris and Kyle Long are playing against each other today for a very special family event that led to father Howie getting the day off his duties for FOX NFL Sunday for the first time in 20 years. In the second quarter of the game between the Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams, Kyle got into a scuffle with a Rams player. Chris, who was on the sidelines, sprinted onto the field to drag his brother out of the fight.

Look at Chris saying to Kyle “what’s up with that, bro?”

Chris Long Kyle brother

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Chris Long does Ric Flair strut after sack (GIF)

Chris Long Ric FlairSt. Louis Rams defensive lineman Chris Long celebrated a sack against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night by doing the Ric Flair strut. You know The Nature Boy had to love that. Woooo!

I wonder if James Laurinaitis put him up to it.

Here’s Flair doing his thing:

That sack dance was much better than the one Long’s teammate Robert Quinn did against the San Francisco 49ers on a previous Monday night game.

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Chris Long zings Panthers fans for drinking Zima

Zima bottleWe mentioned earlier that St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long was ejected from Sunday’s loss to the Carolina Panthers for throwing a punch in a third quarter scrum. The best part of the ejection was the way Panthers tight end Ben Hartsock gave Long a hilarious sendoff from the field. But the side story was how Panthers fans threw a bottle at Long as he was walking off the field.

You can see it in the GIF below:

After the game, Long apologized to Rams fans via Twitter for getting ejected. He also noted that Panthers fans flipped him the bird and threw a bottle at him. But the best part was how he zinged them for drinking Zima, which is a notorious girly drink.

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Ben Hartsock gave Chris Long a hilarious sendoff after ejection

Ben HartsockSt. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long was ejected from his team’s 30-15 loss at the Carolina Panthers on Sunday for throwing a punch in a scrum, but the funny part was the sendoff Ben Hartsock gave him.

After Long got ejected, the Panthers tight end gave the defensive lineman the old heave-ho gesture. It was glorious.

But the story doesn’t end there. It appeared that a Panthers fan threw a bottle at Long as he was doing his walk of shame off the field:

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St. Louis Rams have embraced the ‘smack cam’ social media trend (Video)

Cortland-Finnegan-Chris-Long-smack-camFor those of you who haven’t seen it, “smack cam” is one of the latest — and most violent — trends that is sweeping the world of social media. Basically, smack cam consists of people whacking their friends in the face with any item that is readily accessible and posting a short video of it on Vine. The St. Louis Rams are fully on board with it.

Defensive end Chris Long was smacked in the face with a plate of whipped cream by cornerback Cortland Finnegan during a recent interview with NFL Network. According to Long, Finnegan is the one who started the war. But the video you see above may have been payback for this:

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Chris Long: Rams, fans were motivated by national TV game

The Rams battered the Cardinals 17-3 on Thursday night and handed Arizona its first loss of the season. St. Louis’ defense harassed Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb all night, sacking him nine times while allowing 282 total yards.

After the game, defensive stars Chris Long and James Laurinaitis joined the NFL Network set for interviews. Long, who had a sack, said the team and its fans were motivated by having a nationally-televised game.

“You couldn’t hear yourself think out there,” Long said of the crowd. “We haven’t had an NFL Network set, a Monday Night Football set, a camera hanging from the ceiling in five years here. And you could tell. The fans were awesome, and we really felt it as players.”

Watching the game, you could see how motivated the team was. They were constantly getting after Kolb. Second-year defensive end Robert Quinn was in Kolb’s kitchen all night, sacking him three times.

Though the offense still needs work, St. Louis’ defense looks good enough to keep them competitive in most games. If they can do that and continue winning, they may have some more nationally-televised games in their future. But even at 3-2, I don’t see them being a playoff team this season. Maybe next year.