Darren McFadden re-signs with Raiders for $4 million

Darren McFadden RaidersDarren McFadden has re-signed with the Oakland Raiders.

He’s getting a one-year deal for $4 million per Adam Schefter, which actually seems like a lot.

Update – terms later indicated McFadden is earning just under $2 million in base salary and can max out at $4 million if he hits all his incentives, so that sounds much better.

I know McFadden has shown a lot of talent and potential, but that really hasn’t been on display enough since his truly breakout 2010 campaign. McFadden has missed 19 games over the past three seasons. He only had 379 yards rushing on 114 carries and five touchdowns last season.

Darren McFadden: If players can hide concussions, they probably do

Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden is no stranger to injuries. The former fourth overall pick is now in his fifth season, and it is going to be the fifth in which he has not been able to play a full 16 games. There are injuries players can battle through and others that they can’t, and McFadden has apparently never had an NFL season without one of the ones you can’t play through.

McFadden’s knees have generally been the issue, but from the sound of it a mild concussion would not keep him out of action. During a recent interview with 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, he touched on the increasingly popular discussion of NFL players playing through head injuries.

“I guess with concussions, most guys look at it, if you can hide it, they probably do,” McFadden said. “But if sometimes it’s those deals where you can’t hide it at all, you have no choice but to tell somebody. I think it’s one of those things that if you can deal with it, a lot of guys will probably do that.”

The more they say it, the more we have no choice but to believe it. While Roger Goodell would like the general public to think the NFL is efficient in dealing with concussions and making sure players are held out if they sustain one, that’s just not the case. Both former players and current NFL stars have admitted that playing through concussions is a part of the game. The NFL is working to change that, but there’s always going to be only so much team doctors can do.

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for transcribing the quotes

Darren McFadden Appears to Have Officially Turned the Corner

The University of Arkansas will probably never field a better backfield than it did in 2007. Felix Jones is now the starting running back for the Cowboys. You also have the fullback-turned-rusher in Peyton Hillis, now a household name in Cleveland. Then there is Darren McFadden, who pretty much ran around the Jets’ vaunted defense for 171 yards last Sunday.

Of the Razorback trio — too perfect a mascot name given the topic — McFadden entered the 2008 draft with the most fanfare, having placed second in the Heisman vote. Yet, injuries and perhaps Al Davis’ maniacal game of coaching carousel over McFadden’s first few years in the league, had his Arkansas running mates being more productive. They were also getting more attention. Granted, none of the three have yet to really make a lasting mark yet, but for once, the hype around McFadden seems to be coming to fruition.

After a miserable 2009 campaign, McFadden bounced back last year with 1,157 yards and a very impressive 5.2 YPC. His track record of injuries doesn’t call for much hope that he will be available for all 16 games. McFadden missed at least three games in each season so far. But if he stays on the field, he should find himself surpassing his 2010 numbers easily. The tailback is already a third of the way there.

For Raiders fans and fantasy owners alike, a lot will be said about what to expect out of McFadden if he shows the same dominance against the Patriots this Sunday.  Yes, New England’s defense has been a whipping boy so far, but last time I checked, Oakland and New England games were supposed to be a laugher.

If Oakland does win, it will almost certainly be thanks to McFadden’s surge.  Maybe the walk is finally catching up to the talk.

Darren McFadden, Rashard Mendenhall, Knowshon Moreno Receiving Rave Reviews

When players receive constant praise and recognition during training camp, it generally is an antecedent to a successful season. Running backs Darren McFadden, Rashard Mendenhall, and Knowshon Moreno fit that bill, so they’ve turned me into believers.

Darren McFadden has missed some of training camp because of a fractured orbital bone, but when he’s practiced he’s turned heads. Raiders beat writer Jerry McDonald recently wrote that it “Doesn’t matter how much [McFadden] practices. No one else close.” Oakland offensive coordinator Al Saunders said McFadden was in the same class as Priest Holmes, Marshall Faulk, and Marcus Allen. Head coach Hue Jackson has said McFadden is one of the most complete and elite runners in the NFL. When that many sources agree on something, it generally means something.

Rashard Mendenhall hasn’t received the same amount of praise as McFadden, but he’s received extremely positive reviews. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he thought Mendenhall still had room to grow even with his successful past two seasons. Running backs coach Kirby Wilson says there’s nothing Mendenhall can’t do and that he has a bright future. National writer Dan Pompei says Mendenhall “showed up to camp in ‘wow’ shape.” He also says that Mendenhall is more comfortable now that he’s in his fourth year with the team. Pompei says Mendenhall is out to make people recognize him for his play, not his bin Laden comments.

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