David Shaw fires back at Steve Sarkisian: ‘We don’t fake injuries’

David-Shaw-StanfordOver the weekend, Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian accused Stanford of faking injuries on defense during the Huskies’ 38-21 loss to the Cardinals. Sarkasian claimed in a postgame interview that he saw a coach telling players to get down on the ground.

“Their defensive line coach (Randy Hart) was telling them to sit down,” Sarkisian told KJR 950-AM, via ESPN.com. “I guess that’s how we play here at Stanford, so we’ll have to prepare for that next time.”

Not surprisingly, Stanford head coach David Shaw firmly denied the accusations. He also blasted Sarkisian for accusing another coach of doing something like that.

“We don’t fake injuries. We never have and we never will,” Shaw said. “And I don’t care what Steve Sarkisian thinks that he saw. “I believe it’s unprofessional to call out an assistant coach on another team. It was unprofessional; it was disrespectful. The only D-line coach that I know of that’s ever instructed players to fake an injury works at the University of Washington, not at Stanford. That’s not calling a person out, that’s stating a fact.”

Tosh Lupoi, a defensive line coach at Washington, was suspended for a game in 2010 while he was at Cal after he admitted he coached players to fake injuries against Oregon. Shaw said Sarkisian “crossed the line” and noted that Stanford is one of the most respected football programs in the country.

“How we play here at Stanford is averaging five and a half penalties a game,” Shaw said. “We’re one of the least penalized teams in the nation. How we play here at Stanford has led to three BCS bowl games in a row, a Pac-12, a Rose Bowl and an Orange Bowl championship and 100 percent graduation rate.

“We’re one of the most well-respected programs in the nation. I’m not going to put that on the line just to beat Washington.”

Injury faking is something that is undoubtedly becoming more popular across college and professional football as more and more teams go with an up-tempo offense. Cal coach Sonny Dykes accused Northwestern of doing it earlier this year and another video captured Georgia players blatantly faking injuries against Clemson. It’s just something teams are going to have to learn to deal with.

David Shaw cuts short Heather Cox interview (Video)

David-Shaw-Stanford-interviewStanford head coach David Shaw was understandably thrilled when his team defeated Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl on Sunday, but he didn’t need to take it out on ESPN reporter Heather Cox. By that, I mean Shaw could have simply taken a few minutes for an interview. Typically the network that hosted the game is given that luxury, but Shaw wanted nothing to do with it.

As you can see from the video above, Shaw was in a hurry to get to the trophy presentation. In his defense, it appeared he was being rushed along. Cox was obviously unhappy about it, as evidenced by the audio you heard of her saying, “Are you kidding?”

Shaw conducted the interview later, but the awkward exchange was entertaining. Cox clearly isn’t accustomed to that happening. Had she used the Holly Rowe approach to getting an interview, the Stanford coach and his cronies probably would have known she meant business.

David Shaw, Chris Petersen Voted Alabama No. 2 in Coaches’ Poll

Many fans and critics were disappointed when it was announced that Alabama would rematch against LSU in the BCS National Championship Game. Critics believe that Bama already had their shot at LSU, and since they lost the regular season game, they don’t deserve a second chance to face them. However, 42 of the 59 coaches (71%) voting in the Coaches’ Poll disagree and voted Bama second in the country. Quite surprisingly, David Shaw and Chris Petersen were among the 42.

Shaw is the head coach of Stanford whose team is 11-1. The Cardinal started off the season 9-0 before losing to Oregon 53-30. Oregon lost its season opener to LSU 40-27, and LSU beat Bama 9-6, if you want to play the transitive game. Stanford has only beaten three ranked opponents, all of whom were ranked 20th or lower. Still, the Cardinal have arguably the best quarterback in the country, and they have some argument for playing in the National Championship Game. It’s surprising that Shaw is saying his team is not as good as Alabama, or not as qualified to face LSU. He did have his team ranked third ahead of Oklahoma State.

Petersen is the head coach of 11-1 Boise State, which has a similar argument for the title game. Boise State began the season 8-0 before losing to TCU 36-35 thanks to some more kicking problems. Their only win against a ranked opponent came in their season opener against Georgia at the Georgia Dome. They beat everyone they faced except TCU, and they’re also 11-1. Petersen ranked his team 5th, behind LSU, Bama, Oklahoma State, and Oregon.

Oklahoma State was the consensus No. 3 team in the country, though they were ranked fourth on five ballots and fifth on one. Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy changed his stance and believed his team deserved a shot in the title game. But given Gundy’s perspective last week, it’s not a huge surprise to see Shaw and Petersen also put Bama ahead of their own teams.

A few interesting notes about the voting (as published by USA Today):

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