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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Articles tagged: George Karl

George Karl: Carmelo Anthony is going to win a championship someday

George Karl has not had many good things to say about Carmelo Anthony since the Denver Nuggets traded him to the New York Knicks two seasons ago. Many have painted Carmelo as a selfish player who is unwilling to buy into the team mentality, and Karl has done nothing to change that perception. However, the…Read More

George Karl: I just despise the Lakers

A lot of coaches¬†genuinely¬†dislike their rivals, but many of them would never come out and tell you that. The politically correct things to say are “they’re a tough team” and “they’re always prepared and well-coached,” but we know enough by now to know that George Karl is anything but politically correct. The Nuggets coach is…Read More

George Karl says Andrew Bynum played illegal defense for his 10 blocks

After being completely dominated by Andrew Bynum and the Lakers on Sunday afternoon, Nuggets coach George Karl was understandably frustrated. His team had just lost Game 1 by a score of 103-88, and Bynum tied a playoff record by blocking 10 shots. According to Karl, however, the Lakers center did so illegally. “(Bynum) was playing…Read More

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