Louisville students rip on Kentucky fan classmate in hilarious fashion


A Kentucky fan living on the Louisville campus is like a screen door on a submarine. The two things just don’t make any sense when you put them together. According to a Reddit user who goes to Louisville, a fellow student has had a UK flag hanging in his dorm room window all semester.

The Wildcats lost on Monday night. The only college students in the country who may have had more fun with the outcome of the game than the 17,000 living on the UConn campus were the neighbors of the dude with the Kentucky flag in his window.

“So I go to University of Louisville and someone has had a University of Kentucky flag in their window all semester,” Reddit user ct81195 wrote. “This is satisfying.”

At least they kept it clean. The Kentucky fan will probably argue that his team made it further than the Cardinals (or are they both his teams?), but it won’t really matter. He just got LOL’ed right off campus.

Chest bump to The Dagger

Louisville favored over every team in Midwest Region

Rick Pitino Louisville tattoo

Louisville as a four seed may be the biggest joke of the NCAA Tournament.

Prior to the 2014 NCAA Tournament draw being announced, Louisville coach Rick Pitino said his team looked like a No. 1 seed, even though he knew his Cardinals wouldn’t end up seeded so highly.

He was right — they weren’t a No. 1 seed — but few envisioned them being seeded as lowly as a number four. That was just one part of a grander decision by the selection committee to rank American Athletic Conference teams lowly in the tournament. Besides Louisville, Cincinnati got a 5, UConn a 7, Memphis an 8, and SMU was left out of the dance entirely. Not exactly a show of respect for the AAC.

Anyway, the tournament selection committee may not have given high seeds to the AAC, but the real people who matter — the oddsmakers — know how good Louisville is.

Despite being the fourth-seeded team in the Midwest, Louisville is projected to be favored over any team they play in their region, sports betting insider RJ Bell said on Sunday.

Louisville has gone 12-1 since February, and they really didn’t even have to sweat in their last five wins, which included taking the AAC tournament.

Senior Russ Smith looks good after pouring in 42 against Houston on Friday, and forward Montrezl Harrell hasn’t shot below 50 percent in a game since Feb. 16.

They may not repeat as champions, but the Cardinals certainly have the makings of a Final Four team.

Josh Pastner got into it with Louisville fans after big Memphis win

Josh-Pastner-MemphisMemphis came away with its biggest win of the season on Thursday night, beating No. 12 Louisville 73-67 on the road. As you might expect, the Tigers were ecstatic after getting the best of the defending national champions. Cardinals fans were not happy with the way they handled it.

After the game, Memphis head coach Josh Pastner got into it with some Louisville fans who were shouting at him and his players. Pastner apparently took offense to some fans calling his players thugs.

According to Matthew Willinger of CardinalSports.com, Pastner also got into it with Louisville forward Stephan Van Tresse’s father just before he headed into the media room for his postgame press conference. A Louisville police officer stepped in to diffuse the situation.

Pastner downplayed the exchanges and called the Louisville fans “tremendous” during his presser, comparing them to Memphis fans. He did, however, offer some insight about what set him off.

“The only thing I ever get sensitive on is if anybody ever says our guys are low class or anything in that manner,” Pastner said, via Kyle Ringo of The Dagger. “We have a perfect APR score. … Say I’m the worst coach in the world. Say I can’t coach zone. I’m the worst press coach. I look like I’m 13. I should be fired. I’m the worst this. I’m the worst that, but the thing that gets to me is if you say our kids (are bad) cause we’ve done a great job. That’s been a point of emphasis.”

You can’t expect the Memphis players to completely contain their excitement after such a huge win, just as you can’t expect Louisville fans to keep their frustrations to themselves. Fans will be fans. By barking back at them, Pastner just gives them a reason to say something the next time around.

Louisville gets national championship rings


The Louisville men’s basketball team will be taking its celebratory trip to the White House on Tuesday, and a special delivery on Monday assured that they will be traveling with plenty of bling. As you can see from the photo above that Kenny Klein of the school’s media relations department passed along, the Cardinals have received their championship rings.

Louisville defeated Michigan in April to win its first national title since 1986 and first under Rick Pitino. Star point guard Peyton Siva shared a few photos of his ring on Instagram:


Bling bling. At least the rings don’t appear to contain any errors like this Florida State offensive lineman’s piece of hardware. Avoiding typos and factual inaccuracies is always a plus.

Rick Pitino gets a Louisville tattoo as promised (Pictures)


One of the motivational tactics Rick Pitino decided to use with his 2013 national champion Louisville squad was the promise of a tattoo. Pitino promised his players that he would get a tattoo commemorating their tournament run if they ended up cutting down the nets, and the 60-year-old kept his word.

As you can see from the photo above that Louisville senior associate athletic director of media relations Kenny Klein posted on Friday morning, Pitino got a Louisville logo, the words “NCAA Champions” and his team’s 2012-2013 season record on his back left shoulder. Here’s another angle that gives you a better idea of how big the tattoo is:

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Adidas looking to profit off Kevin Ware injury with Final Four T-shirts? (Picture)


The topic of sports apparel companies making a profit by using Divison-1 athletes to sell products has been heavily debated over the years. Under no circumstances are college athletes allowed to be paid or receive “improper benefits,” yet their jersey numbers are plastered all over merchandise that is constantly flying off the shelves. It appears Louisville sophomore Kevin Ware is no exception.

Ware’s incredibly gruesome leg injury has been the talk of the nation since the Cardinals defeated Duke in the Elite 8 on Sunday evening. The team has decided to honor him with these warmup jerseys at the Final Four, and it looks like Adidas has decided to pay tribute to Ware by profiting from his injury with the T-shirt you see above. You can pre-order your very own “Ri5e to the Occasion” shirt today, which is currently selling for $24.99 on the Louisville athletic website.

When contacted by Larry Brown Sports, an employee from Louisville’s online apparel shop said that there has been no indication that proceeds from the shirt are going to support medical bills or any type of charity. The employee did mention that the shirts were not created “internally” and had come directly from Adidas.

Paying these young men and women would be insane, but profiting off someone’s horribly broken leg is great business.

UPDATE: A Louisville spokesperson told WDRB the school “proactively decided to waive any traditional licensing royalties revenue connected to the No. 5 graphic to be worn by the team on the court. . . . The shirt was created as a respectful tribute to honor Kevin within NCAA trademark apparel parameters, and allow fans to rally around the team. Because of that, adidas is contributing a portion of every sell to the university’s scholarship fund.”

Louisville to pay tribute to Kevin Ware with warmup jerseys at Final Four (Picture)

Luke-Hancock-Kevin-WareThe Louisville Cardinals have every intention of keeping sophomore guard Kevin Ware as close to the team as possible when the Final Four tips off in Atlanta this weekend. Ideally, that will mean Ware will be feeling well enough in the wake of his horrific injury to join the team on the bench with his crutches.

Ware underwent successful surgery on Sunday and has already begun moving around on crutches with his leg in a cast. He said there is a “50-50 chance” he’ll be able to join his teammates to cheer them on against Wichita State. If he does, he’ll be able to witness their new warmup jerseys first-hand:

If he is unable to make the trip, at least we know Ware will have his new dog to keep him company. We also know he’ll be at the forefront of Rick Pitino and company’s thoughts — whether he’s physically present or not. The team’s new warmup jerseys are one small reminder of that.

UPDATE: Rick Pitino announced that Ware will be joining the team when they leave for Atlanta tonight.

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