LSU’s SEC championship rings say ‘#2 NATIONALLY’ (Photos)

Championship rings are supposed to be a fond reminder of the success you and your teammates accomplished in a season. And that’s exactly what these LSU SEC championship rings are intended for. Rightly so; these days an SEC title is definitely something that ought to be celebrated with more than just a pizza party.

But when said rings also read “#2 NATIONALLY,” reminding you of the bitter disappointment you were dealt in the BCS title game after being undefeated and the clear favorite the rest of the season, it kind of sours the whole point. What Debbie Downer designed these things?

Here’s another look at the bling:

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Mardi Gras parade float rips LSU to shreds for loss to Alabama (Pictures)

Knowing how big Mardi Gras is for the people of Louisiana, I can’t imagine there were too many happy faces looking at this parade float. A group of people — clearly Alabama fans — had to have spent a ton of time putting together the float you see above, which is loaded with one-liners, portraits, and numbers that completely rip LSU for their loss to the Crimson Tide in the BCS National Championship game.

The masterpiece ripped on LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee for having to watch from the sidelines as Jordan Jefferson and the Tigers offense did absolutely nothing for 60 minutes. As you see below, another section showed a Bama elephant protecting the 50-yard line so no Tigers could get across.

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Jordan Jefferson blames playcalling, lack of adjustments for LSU’s poor showing vs. Alabama

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson had a miserable showing in the National Championship Game against Alabama. The senior went 11/17 for 53 yards, no touchdowns and an interception. The team amassed just five first downs and fewer than 100 total yards in the 21-0 loss. There were cries for Jarrett Lee to replace Jefferson at quarterback.

So what does Jefferson think went wrong? He shared his opinion during an interview on WCNN in Atlanta.

“I think we should’ve spread them out a little bit more, put the ball in different passing areas, use our talent on the receiving side,” Jefferson said. “We had that in as far as play-calling, we just didn’t get to it. It’s a learning situation for us, a learning situation for the LSU football team and I definitely expect to see us back in the championship next year.

“We have great guys in those areas and sometimes we just wonder why we don’t use those guys. But we’re not the one calling the plays. We still have to go out and execute what the coaches and coordinators are calling. We can’t complain as players, but sometimes we do question that.”

Jefferson also says the team failed to make any halftime adjustments.

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Recruit Torshiro Davis Chose Texas Over LSU Because Tigers’ Morale Seemed Bad

Defensive end recruit Torshiro Davis stunned many people by switching his commitment from LSU to Texas Wednesday. Davis, who attends high school in Shreveport (La.), had been committed to LSU for nearly a year before flipping. What was the reason for the switch?

“Some of the players don’t seem that happy down there,” he told Tim Fletcher of KTBS.

I guess that’s what happens when you get shutout in the National Championship Game and a quarterback controversy ensues.

LSU will probably be fine without Davis, but this just goes to show you how quickly things can change in the recruiting world. As for Texas, Davis says he felt at home when he visited Austin.

Helmet knock to SB Nation, H/T Ed Kenneweg
Picture Credit: Tim Fletcher

Jarrett Lee Says He Was ‘Frustrated’ Watching LSU Lose to Alabama

Jarrett Lee did not see any action during LSU’s National Championship Game loss to Alabama despite the ineffectiveness of Jordan Jefferson. Many people wondered why LSU never made a quarterback switch, especially Bobby Hebert, who went on a crazy rant afterwards. Lee spoke about the game recently and said he was frustrated standing on the sidelines.

“I just feel like I could have been given the chance, had an opportunity to come in and get something going, you know, give them, Alabama, something else to worry about, but you know, it is what it is,” he told Scout.com.

“It was very frustrating. I just kind of feel like I could have come in … I don’t know if I could have come in and won the game, but I just felt like I could have given us an opportunity, or something more,” he said.

Lee recognizes the team had a special year, but he was disappointed he didn’t have a chance to help the team in the title game. He also says he thought they were going to make a switch at some point, which probably makes matters even more frustrating.

As I said the night of the game, I understood why Les Miles stuck with Jordan Jefferson. I also would have understood if he made a change and went to Lee. LSU probably would have lost either way, but you never know what could have happened.

H/T Dan Rubenstein

Russell Shepard Blames His Lack of Stats on LSU Offense

Junior wide receiver Russell Shepard surprised many people by announcing he was going to enter the NFL draft. Why is it surprising? Because although he’s considered a good playmaker, he only had 14 catches for 190 yards and four touchdowns this season. Got that? 14 catches. LSU played 14 games. We’re talking about one catch per game (though Sheppard was suspended the first three games of the season). But don’t blame young Russ for the lack of production. He says blame the offense, and perhaps, his supporting cast.

Take a look at these tweets he fired off on Thursday after his announcement:

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Alabama Basketball Fans Mock LSU Football Team in Clever Fashion (Video)

The LSU men’s basketball team had to deal with an unfortunate scheduling coincidence on Wednesday night. Just two nights after Alabama embarrassed LSU on the football field to win the 2011 National Championship, the Tigers had to travel to Alabama to face the Crimson Tide in hoops. Naturally, the Alabama students weren’t about to let the LSU players get through the evening without some harassment — whether Monday night’s loss had anything to do with them or not. At least the Crimson Tide students were clever about it. Check out this video of the Alabama student section letting out a mock cheer when LSU crossed the half-court line, courtesy of The Dagger:

Between this, the Rex Ryan feet costumes, and the enormous cutout of Kim Kardashian, fans are going through a pretty creative streak.  As we all witnessed on Monday, Les Miles chose to stick with Jordan Jefferson against Alabama and the plan failed miserably.  LSU managed an embarrassing 92 yards of total offense.  Whether it has anything to do with a basketball game or not, they deserve all the harmless heckling they receive.  Oh, and Alabama smacked LSU, 69-53, on the court. Roll Tide once again.